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You Don’t Really Exist. Let me Prove it to You {Alan Watts}

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If you follow bullshit you might find a cow, said the rat with cheese on his face to the crowd. Nietzsche is dead and God is still bitchin’ You have no idea what he thinks you are missin’ or why we insist on turning and stopping before we start rhyming everything for the cliche’ factory embedded in what passes for your brain … or is that a giant wart … between your shoulders … #SueYourself – we put things where where we put them … not where you think they should go … #Bet

“After Friedrich Nietzsche declared that “God is Dead” – the word FUCK has become the most important word in the English language.” “When Friedrich Nietzsche declared, “God is dead,” he himself became utterly helpless no consolation, no hope, no meaning. He had to go through a long process of insanity. cont’d link