Transpocalypse !

ABC Just Promoted Something so Disgusting & Disturbing You Won’t Believe it…or Will You?!?

Video – ‘The 11-year-old trailblazing drag kid ‘Desmond is Amazing.’ – If that title doesn’t make you sick to your stomach already you are not a normal human being.

Let me first point out that this video has been deemed by YouTube to be advertiser friendly. But they’re not just playing any run-of-the-mill skippable ad, they’re playing a premium NON skippable 15 ad that won’t stop playing till the video begins…you can’t skip it.

This generates more revenue for the content creator. When I pulled up Good Morning America’s video… Tylenol was the ad that played. So they thought it would be a good idea to promote their product on a video that depicts, endorses and supports gross and perverted child abuse. Way to go Tylenol! The makers of Tylenol, of course is Johnson and Johnson.

So J and J supports the perverting and exploitation of children. And so does YouTube…obviously. While my videos are deemed “not advertiser friendly” Good morning America is raking in YouTube cash by hypersexualizing kids. The message you’re sending is loud and clear Google!

Father on the Verge of Losing Son After Disagreeing With Mother That 6-Year-Old Son Is Transgender?

You will be made to care, even if that means taking your children from you.

A father, in the state of Texas no less, is currently battling the courts against losing his six-year-old son, James, due to his disagreement with the boy’s mother that his son is transgender.

According to The Federalist, the mother charged the father with child abuse for not recognizing his son’s alleged transgenderism and is looking to take all of his parental rights away as a result. The mother is also looking to force the father to pay for his son’s therapist which is encouraging his son to be transgender and eventually pay for the hormone treatment at the age of eight.

This happened shortly after the couple divorced.

According to the Federalist, both the father and even the therapist have noticed that James exhibits a preference for boys clothing and names when in the presence of his father. However, in the presence of his mother, James says he prefers to be called “Luna”: CONT’D LINK


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The Alerion, the Evil Eye, the Fascinus, and the Castration of Heaven

Top 100 Most Famous Transgender DECEPTIONS Around The World in 2017

Men have been PRETENDING to be women for a really long time … so, this is nothing new … a good example is KABUKI THEATER … where men started playing the roles of women in JAPAN … LINK 1. LINK 2. LINK 3.

 KABUKI – The Classic Theatre of Japan

No deception here, they all know it’s only guys acting ! (unlike Hollyweird)

It’s not the role playing that is dangerous or harmful to a society. It’s the deception. And yes, Media Corporations can and will be sued for the deception, in the same way they can and will be sued for FAKE NEWS … 

You can laugh all you like about this deception taking place in America … but facts don’t lie … there is no statute of limitation on FRAUD

Ever wonder why movies have P, PG, R, X ratings … that are still firmly in place in 2018 … It’s because the laws and the color of law are both based upon moral laws. And all moral laws are derived from biblical commandments.

So, unless you end up with a judge who’s a blackmailed pervert, it should be easy for some of you bankrupt attorneys to win a class action lawsuit requiring and end to the TRANSGENDER DECEPTION in the USA …

IF these crazy idiots in HOLLYWOOD want to weaken the traditional family structure more than it’s already been damaged … without getting their evil asses sued from here to hell and back again … all media designed for worldwide consumption – should at a bare minimum – be REQUIRED to add a ‘T’ to the rating. So all parents who don’t want their soy boy sons jerking off to FAKE GIRLS have the option of renting a movie with REAL GIRLS … BORN REAL FEMALES … 

The same applies to all parents who may not want their REAL daughters competing with FAKE GIRLS who are really GUYS and never get fat …

We could get really deep and philosophical about the above, but the above reasons are more than enough to prove a point to any jury of your peers — and most respectable members of the LGBT with any sense of history, decency and ethical logic would agree.

It’s time to stop 1% of the FREAKS in Hollywood profiting from this deception.

Gay marriage is a really sick perverted excuse for equality … Why? Because they just shit all over the meaning and value of the WORD … if it’s all based on economics they should have been happy with a civil contract … or call their happy little union FARRIAGE … OR PICK A NEW WORD … We are living in a world created with words … When it comes to the most sacred words in a normal person’s mind and we let these SNAKES change the meaning of a word like ‘marriage’ WE will all pay the price for allowing it to happen.  The pen is mightier than the sword in many cases. This is one of them. If you have no idea what’s going on, that doesn’t mean it’s not going on…

If we, as a world don’t put an end to this bullshit, the bullshit will end up weakening the entire planet …

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