Massive YouTube Purge; X22Report – SGT Report – RedPill78 – Praying Medic – Jordan Sather – Amazing Polly – Edge of Wonder – Joe M – IPOT – Truth and Art TV – Dustin Nemos – Just Informed Talk – Stroppy Me – And We Know – Patriots Soapbo – Sarah Westall + (all gone) ?

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List from 8kun.

Spot checks indicate it is true.
They’re not just locked. They’re gone

Destroying the Illusion
Praying Medic
Joe M

X22 Report
Edge of Wonder
SGT Report
Woke Societies

Amazing Polly
Truth and Art TV
Patriots Soapbox
Dustin Nemos

Stroppy Me
JustInformed Talk
Sarah Westal

(partial list – 10/15/2020)
Source: MrFusion