Fritz Springmeier: Culling The Sheep With The 7 Deadly Sins ?

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Fritz Springmeier: Culling The Sheep With The 7 Deadly Sins and Using 5G As An Extinction Level Event!! Awesome Videos! ? (10 YEARS AGO, THIS WAS A REAL STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION IN THE ‘CONSPIRACY’ NUTTER CATEGORY — IN 2020 usa , folks have proven they really are conquered and divided and following ‘unenforcable mandates’ wearing face masks and paying for their own ‘proverbial slaughter’ – so, not so much of a stretch of the imagination today. – repost – link

The Last Trumpet (Stellar Prophet) – Wednesday, October 14, 2020 – BeforeItsNews.Com

Fritz Springmeier: Culling The Sheep With The 7 Deadly Sins and Using 5G As An Extinction Level Event!!

Fritz tells us that the Illuminati is planning to kill the Tribes of Jacob surnamed Israel (the white Christian race) slowly first using the constructed 7 deadly sins.  5G will be an extinction event and they plan on killing off 35% of the population using 5G and vaccines.

Fritz Springmeier is one of the pioneers in the truth movement exposing the Illuminati and their plans to cull the sheep and take over the world.  

FRITZ SPRINGMEIER KILLING US SOFTLY, Illuminati´s Hidden Methods of Genocide, Death Traps

Fritz Springmeier returns to talk Epstein, 5G & much more!! Please share!

What are the 7 Deadly Sins?

The seven deadly sins refer to behaviors and habits that are considered among the most cardinal vices under Christian teachings. Ironically, the seven deadly sins do not appear explicitly in the Bible.

However, each of these vices gets ample mention throughout the Bible and other religious books, albeit individually. Also known as capital vices or cardinal sins, the seven deadly sins are believed to give birth to other forms of immoralities.

They include;

1. Pride,

2. Greed,

3. Wrath,

4. Lust,

5. Envy,

6. Gluttony, and

7. Sloth

The seven deadly sins often stand in contrast to the seven heavenly virtues, which include;

1. Prudence,

2. Justice,

3. Temperance,

4. Courage,

5. Faith,

6. Hope, and

7. Charity.

The Illuminate playbook is the Protocols of the Elder of Zion.

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have begun Their Gallop Towards War!  Trump is the rider on the white horse and he is the first horsemen to ride of the four horsement of the Apocalypse.  Trump does not have any arrows in his quiver as he is a windbag and will bring down America to her knewws without firing a shot just like Cyrus took down Babylon without firing a shot.

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