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Payseur Alternative History of The United States of America , or is it the US, or is it the USA or is it America , or is it just anything you want to call it in 2021 … you know, those things called 48 States from sea ta’ shining sea … is the sea still shining … OK … LINKS to information on PAYSEUR Family Trust, etc.

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Mel K In An Explosive Interview With Charlie Ward Exposes The Truth! Not To Be Missed!


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The Payseur Family in the United States is the secret descendants of the French Monarchy.

Daniel Payseur is AKA Crown Prince Louis who was Queen Marie Antoinette’s son.

Daniel Payseur (Crown Prince Louis aka Louis XVII of France) was smuggled out of France to North Carolina in the United States after his mother was executed.

The Payseurs have gone to extreme lengths to corrupt government documents, such as courthouse records. They have hidden the births of many of their descendants, and have covered over with extreme secrecy most of their monetary holdings.

They have been so powerful that they could hide their wealth and power, and use other Satanic families as proxies.

If you search hard enough you can figure it out. I just wanted to give you a hint on what to look for.

It started with Daniel Payseur 1785 – 1860

Then Lewis Cass Payseur or L.C. Payseur 1850 – 1939

That should give you a nice head start.

French monarchy living in America. They wont teach that in the history books!

As Recorded in book 665, Page 20
The following is a list of only one third of the companies which are listed in public records as the assets of
Lewis Cass Payseur which have been assigned to the Lewis Cass Payseur Trust Company Inc.

All of the Companies listed here were each issued, upon formation, fifty thousand (50,000) preferred, or
special “Class “A” Shares, those being the only such shares authorized and issued, which shares represented
the true ownership of the corporation.

L. C. Payseur owned nine tenths of all of the preferred share issued of each of these companies forty five
thousand (45,000) and the rest of the world owns only five thousand (5,000) shares of the issued stock.
Common shares, or “non-voting shares” are the ones, where applicable, which are traded on the stock
exchange, and they do not reflect the ownership as is commonly thought.

Note: Companies listed in the Fortune 500 Magazine of May 5, 1980 are noted by the name of the
Company followed by “(#—)”,

This is not a complete list of the Payseur Assets as this is only one third of his holdings, the estate was filed
in three different locations with different assets listed at each state and county site that it was filed in. In
another attempt to cover up the ownership trail, but you can get an idea of the magnitude of his holding
with this 1/3 list.

Lancaster & Chester Railway Company
Cheraw & Chester Railroad Company
Leased for 99 years to the Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad Company, executed October 3, 1882.
and recorded in the Court of Probate and the County Recorders office of Chester County. South Carolina.
Seaboard Air Line Railway Company, South Carolina Division:
Along with the liens of the “iron rails and cross-ties” of lines under 99 year leases which have been merged
into the Seaboard Air Line Railway Company: some known as:
Catawba Valley Railway Company: Chester County, South Carolina
The Chattanooga. Augusta and Charleston Air Line Railway Co., recorded in Chester County, South Carolina.
The Memphis / Charleston Railroad Company: The Seaboard Air Lines System of Railroads Company, as
recorded in the office of the Probate Judge in and for the County of Dorchester, South Carolina, in Book “S
23″ at Page 7, Dated December 9. 1899.
The Port Royal Railroad Company, as recorded with the office of the Probate Judge of Barnwell County,
South Carolina.
The Chester and Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad Company, as recorded in the County of Chester, South
Carolina, formerly known as the Wilmington. Charlotte and Rutherfordton Railway Company, as formed in
the City of Lincolnton, North Carolina, by the Payseur family.
Buffalo, Union and Carlisle Railway:- Union. South Carolina
C. and W.C. Railway: Anderson. South Carolina
Atlantic Coast Line Railway Company:- Richland. South Carolina
G. & F. Railway Company: Greenwood, South Carolina
C. N. & L. Railway Company: Newberry, South Carolina
H. and B. Railway Company:- Colleton, South Carolina
C. and L. Railway Company:- Chesterfield, South Carolina
C. M. and C. Railway Company:- Chesterfield, South Carolina
Northwestern South Carolina Railway Company:- Spartanburg, South Carolina
Atlanta and Charlotte Railway Company:- Spartanburg, South Carolina
Ashville and Spartanburg Railway Company:- Spartanburg, South Carolina
Spartanburg, Union and Columbia Railway Company:- Spartanburg. S. C.
Columbia and Greenville Railway Company:- Greenville. South Carolina
Southern Railway Company, South Carolina Division:- Columbia, South Carolina
South Side Railroad Co.:- Connecting Atlanta. Georgia with Washington, D. C.
Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad Company and Alabama Mineral Land Company of New York parent
to the famed Standard Oil now Exxon Oil.
Ashley Branch and Coal Line Railway Company
Georgia. Carolina and Northern Railroad: and its 99 year lease to Seaboard Air Line Railway Company
King’s Mountain Gold Mine and Railroad Company: Companies listed in Real Property Book 1734 Page 62 et.
seq.. Court of Probate, in Alabama
Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Nashville and Decatur Railroad
The Great Southern Railroad Line
South and North Alabama Railroad
Mobile and Montgomery Railroad
Georgia Pacific and T. A., Louisville Ky.
Pennsylvania Railroad: See Chart on Penn Central Company, 6.5 Billion Dollar Empire
Mexican Railway:- Mexico City, Mexico
Mexican Central Railway:- Guadalajara, Mexico
New York Central Railroad
Southern Pacific Railroad
Missouri Pacific Railroad
Mobile and Ohio Railroad
Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad Company (the Federal Reserve)
Narrow Gauge, Camden, Lancaster, Charlotte, all in North Carolina
Georgia Pacific Railroad Company (#56)
Pullman Company (builders of Pullman cars for the Railways)
Bank of Lancaster:- Lancaster County. South Carolina
First Bank and Trust Company:-Of Lancaster, South Carolina
The Lancaster Building and Loan Association
The Bank of Heath Springs
The Bank of Charleston
The Bank of Kershaw
Kershaw Mercantile and Banking Company
National Loan and Exchange Bank of Columbia
First National Bank of Camden
National Exchange Bank of Chester
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
New York Trust Company
The Bank of Richmond
National Loan and Exchange Bank of Camden
Raleigh Savings Bank
American Trust and Savings Bank – Birmingham, Al.
Birmingham Trust and Savings Bank – Birmingham, A l .
Chase National Bank
Riggs National Bank
Hanover National Bank – New York
Brandvwine Bank – Maryland
Hamilton National Bank
South Carolina National Bank
Jefferson Savings and Loan Association
Bank of South Carolina
Bank of New York
Bank of Macon, Georgia
Pennsvlvania National Bank
Sandoz Bank
Painsville. Ohio Bank
Cotton Mills

Lancaster Cotton Mills:-Now known as Springs Mills Inc. of Lancaster, S. C …………….. (#319)
The Eureka Cotton Mills
The Springstein Cotton Mills
Dan River Cotton Mills:-Danville, VA
Lorav Cotton Mills
Belton Cotton Mills
The Lancaster Cotton Oil Company
The N. K. Fairbank Company (Cotton Oil). Chicago. III.

Thread and Sewing Machine Companies

Singer Manufacturing Company:-New York
The New Home Sewing Machine Company:-30 Union Sq., New York Household Sewing Machine Company:-
Providence, Rhode Island
Hartford Sewing Machine Company:-Connecticut
Renington Sewing Machine Company
Domestic Sewing Machine Company
Clark’s O.N.T. Cotton Thread Company
Corticelli Silk Thread Company
Pharr and Long Clothiers 42 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, N.C.
J.P. Coats Thread Company
Willimantic Thread Company and/or
Willimantic Linen Company
Chicago-Kenosha Hosiery Company:-Kenosha, Wisconsin
E.C.Stahn and Company:-Chester, S. C. (Watches, Jewelry and sewing machines)

Electric and Power Companies

Southern Power Company
Duke Power Company
Lancaster Light and Power Company
Potomac Electric Company
General Electric

Gold and Silver Companies

Reed Gold Mine
Gastonia Gold Mine
Gold Hill Mining Company
King’s Mountain Gold Mine (and Railway Company as above)
Clyta Oro Mining Company-Supplied all the gold for the Federal Reserve
Union Silver Company
Lotowana Silver Mining Company

Iron and Steel (and other metals) Companies

Lincoln Iron Company (formerly Lincolnton Tin Mine and Smelter) now Carnegie Steel)
Woodward Iron Company
Ingall’s Steel Company
The Ingalls Iron Works Company of Birmingham. Alabama
Carnegie Steel Company
Aluminum Company of American (ALCOA) …………………………………………………….​………..(#63)

Motor Vehicle Companies

American Motors Company………………………………………………​…………………………………………………….​…………(#109)
General Motors Corporation …………………………………………………….​…………………………………………………….​….. (# 2)
Cadillac Motor Car Company
Carolina Cadillac Company Studebaker Carriages and Wagons Company

Insurance Companies

Home Insurance Company 119 Broadway. New York (From Orrville and Selma, Alabama, allegedly the
parent to all insurance companies )
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York
Old American Insurance Company:- Kansas City
William’s and Gregory Insurance Company:- Lancaster. S. C.

Tobacco and Related Companies

R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company…….. (#39)
George W. Helme and Company (Helme’s Railroad Mill Snuff) Helmetta, N.J.
American Tobacco Company
Regalia De La Francis Cigar Company

Watch Companies

Elgin National Watch Company
National “Elgin” Watch Company
I l l i n o i s “Springfield” Watch Company
American “Waltham” Watch Company
The Centennial (1776-1876) Watch Company
Waterbury Watch Company

Land and Real Estate Companies

Alabama Mineral Land Company of New York
Woodgin Plantation:-Leased to Frisco Railroad
Bondurant Plantation:-Leased to St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad
T. M. Hughes Real Estate Agency:-Lancaster, S. C.

Food and Other Household Goods

Gail Borden, Eagle Brand Milk Company………………………………………………​……………………………… (#73 Borden)
The Genessee Pure Food Company …………………………………………………….​……………………… (#50 General Foods)
Heinzs Pickle Company………………………………………………​…………………………………………………….​. (#139 Heinz 57)
The American Cereal Company………………………………………………​……………………………………. (#176 Quaker Oals)
United Fruit Trading Company:- Linked to Grace Shipping Lines
Armour and Company:-(Formerly Armour Meat Packing Company)
The Lancaster Hardware Company
Mimaugh’s Department Store
Bibb’s Stove and Range Company
Swift and Company
The Woolson Spice Company
Cleveland’s Baking Powder Company
White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Company
Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Company
King’s Buckwheat Flour Company
Lustro Cleaners Company
Lincolnton Drug Company: Became Rexall Drugs
Fleming Brothers Cologne
New Mown Hay Sachet Colgate and Company. Perfumers of New York
Boll Brothers Manufacturing Company Harrisburg, Pa. (metal beds and bedding)
Tarrant’s Aperient Seltzer Company
Celluloid Eye Glasses Company (Patent #03-13-1877) S.O.M. Company
Steele and Price Manufacturing Company (Yeast, flavoring extracts etc., Chicago, III.)
Brown’s Iron Bitters Company
Richmond Heater Company (wood burning heaters)
Charles W.S. Banks Furniture Company Baltimore, Md
Peloubet and Company, Bloomfield. NJ – Mfr. Standard Brand Organs
Ehvet Magnesia Mfg Company
Boston Rubber Shoe Company
Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Miscellaneous Companies

Colt Firearms
Company……………………………………….. ……………………………………..(#165)
Standard Oil Company………………………………………………​…………………………………………………….​…..#10, #6, and
Corporation …………………………………………………….​…………………………………………………….​……………………..(#1)
B. F. Goodrich
Company………………………………………………​…………………………………………………….​……………… (#112)
Sherwin-Williams Paint
Company …………………………………………………….​……………………………………………. (#251)
The Fort Mill Manufacturing Company
Catawba Fertilizer Company
Lancaster Manufacturing Company
Western Union Telegraph Company
Ashley Phosphate Fertilizer Company
Steamship (British) Manhattan
Lancaster Merchantile Company
Pearl Powder Company
H.S. Robinson and Company
Walter A. Wood Company of New York
Knapp and Company of New York

In order to keep the true ownership hidden from the government and the public all of these companies and
hundreds more were tucked away in parent corporations and companies, almost all of the railroads across the united states were merged into the new “Southern Railway”, merger of 1906 that J. P. Morgan helped orchestrate for Payseur.

The Southern Railway, which contained almost all of the railway companies were hidden in one little
insignificant short railway line that was called the “Lancaster and Chester Railway Company”. The family
joke is that they own a little railroad company by the name of the L&C Railway Company and it has a spur
line called Southern Railway, which is obstinately all the railroads. They also own one other important little
railroad, “The Cheraw and Chester Railroad Company”.
The Lancaster and Chester Railway, was owned by a cotton mill by the name of the “Lancaster Cotton
Mill”, which was owned by L.C. Payseur, the name of Lancaster Cotton Mill was changed in the 1930′s to
Springs Mills Inc. but the ownership was still by L.C. Payseurs’. It is very important that you remember
this one little paragraph.

L.C. Payseur also owned “The Bank of Lancaster”, which in recent years has gone on a name changing
tangent the last known names were the (NCNB) North Carolina National Bank then it merged with its self and
became known as NationsBank For a short digression, research discovered that in the 1980′s George Bush
became the chairman of the executive committee of First International Bank of Houston. He also became a
director of Fist International Bank shares. Inc. (“InterFirst”). InterFirst became the largest bank in Texas and was reportedly running speculation all over South America, China and Europe. Later InterFirst merged with
Republic Bank in 1987 to form First Republic Bank, eventually as it appeared all banks in Texas got into a non
sovereign situation if you can believe that.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, with the connivance of the IRS, awarded the assets of First Republic Bank to the North Carolina National Bank in exchange for no
payment whatsoever on the part of NCNB. Why should they have to pay themselves? NationsBank, which is
reputedly a darling of the intelligence community, which is not quite right but makes some sense, being as the
banks and CIA are owned by the railroad.

Payseur also owned “Southern Power Company” which is today known as “Southern Company” and owns the control of all power companies in the united states by law that states that only railroads can manufacture electricity. That is why everyone that comes up with a better and cheaper form of energy and would become a threat to the power company is put out of business. Because the railroad has a monopoly at least until the 99 year leases are up.

Payseur owned “The Lancaster Manufacturing Company”, which controlled the production of all wood products, such as railroad ties, railroad cars, service poles, furniture, paper etc., etc.. This is were the railroad land grants come in with such names as Boise Cascade, Weyerhaeuser, Crown Zellierback. Mead, Regency companies using the railroad land leased to them “only” from Payseur to product trees for wood products.

These companies do not own the land they operate under leases, they do not have the right to sell railroad or timber land that they use. they do not own the land nor the companies.

Mr. Payseur also owned a company by the name of “The Lancaster Cotton Oil”, this company started the
manufacture of fertilizer and other related items.

Leroy Springs was appointed President of all of Mr. Payseurs companies to oversee them, he was also Mr.
Payseurs’ attorney and a trustee for his affairs. He was trusted with all kinds of important documents, affidavits and secrets, as to who the true owners were of these companies.

Remember that it was stated earlier that the northerner’s couldn’t get the southern people to work for them, so Northerners would appoint the old ex confederate officers to run the companies owned by Yankees after the Civil War and all the confiscation’s. That is how Leroy Springs got involved with the Lancaster Cotton Mill, and the other companies. He was a manager not anowner.

Louis XVII of France

Many times the French and English wings have battled for supremacy, but they are still, in the end, two sides of the same coin.

The French Revolution of 1789 was wholly engineered by the Freemasons and their offshoot, the Bavarian Illuminati.

After the ‘revolutionaries’ executed Queen Marie Antoinette, her son, Crown Prince Louis, still a toddler, was placed under house arrest.

Two years later he was smuggled out in a laundry basket by his doctor.

The retarded nephew of the Marquis de Jarjayes was substituted and he died in 1795.

The prince was secretly taken to the Vendee Palace and…later moved to a fortress on the River Rhine.

He arrived in England in February 1804 with the former royal paymaster of France, George Payseur, and was protected by King George III, the monarch at the time of the American War of Independence.

The Prince changed his name again to Daniel Payseur while George Payseur became George Bayshore.

King George III gave the prince, now Daniel Payseur, a ship and awarded George Bayshore 600 acres of land in North Carolina.

When they arrived in America they were given help by the Boddie family, who were related to the British monarchy.

Hmm… seems the Payseur family was defrauded out of it’s assets.

The Payseur family have now lost control of their empire…The Payseur’s principal trustee, Leroy Springs, died in 1931 and his playboy son, Elliot, took over. He volunteered to upgrade the local County Records filing system and removed the records from the Lancaster courthouse.

When he returned them, hundreds of Payseur land deeds had been reassigned to Elliot Springs, a Rothschild relative. [Likewise, recent AP stories reported on how hundreds of courthouses were burned down to destroy southern blacks’ deeds so that local landowners or corporations could steal their land.-JS] It seems obvious that he was told exactly what to do to stop the Payseur daughters from inheriting the empire.

In the early 1950s, Anne, the daughter of Elliot Springs, married a New Jersey organised crime figure called Hugh Close and Close was appointed chairman of all the Payseur companies stolen by Elliot Springs. Close’s daughter, Mrs. Crandall Close Bowles, became a director of the Carolina Federal Reserve Bank. A battle continues for control of the former Payseur holdings, but at the moment it appears they are controlled by the Rothschilds.”

It appears the Payseur fortune is now contained in a Corporation called GAALT industries.

Check their history as taken from their web site…

GAALT® Industries

Our History

GAALT® Industries is a new name for a very old family business in communication, energy, and
transportation established in North America in 1620 A.D., and in the present State of Alabama in 1750.
Alabama was permitted to become a State in 1819 contingent upon the continuation of this family
business under the treaties and contracts executed by Benjamin Franklin for the United States of North
America on February 6, 1778.

In 1998, GAALT Industries celebrates its 220th birthday in the United States and its 378th birthday on
the North American Continent.

Before the name was changed, Louis Charles Bourbon Capet, King Louis XVI, with Benjamin Franklin
and others executed certain contracts and treaties for the purpose to establish our communication and
transportation business in and as a part of the United States of North America on February 6, 1778
through the technology of that time period, namely flat and keel boats. Over the years since 1778 our
communication and transportation business has expanded by the addition of developed technologies to
include but not limited to the following:

* After the development of the railroad in 1769, it was brought to the United States under our leadership
for our business. Rapid railway deployment starting about 1820;
* 1848 the addition of The Washington and New Orleans Telegraph Company to our business of
advanced wire communications;
* 1912 the addition of radio-telegraph led our business into World War I for ship-to-shore radio
systems and the first known aircraft-to-ground radio system on earth. In 1919 we designed,
manufactured and operated the first known radio station in China;
* October 20, 1920 we received our International Radio Manufacturing License, 14 years before the
establishment of the Federal Communications Act that created the Federal Communications Commission
typically referred to as the FCC;
* During World War II we developed a close-knit radio communication system for command and
control of top security for the President of the United States of America that many years later and
following a change of radio frequencies for use by the general public is now known as cellular
* 1949 we were issued the first known patent on earth for the telephone answering machine;
* 1951 we received the first patent known for the push-button-dial telephone and the telephone
auto-dial equipment;
* Satellite Echo deployed our electronic communications and was the first satellite deployed by the
United States of America;
* First in manned space flight communications for the United States of America, to include the
communications control circuits used for the famous “MOON WALK”.

Gain Adjusting Audio Leveling Terminator (GAALT) was developed for the strategic communications
for the President of the United States of America to serve as a Common Systems Approach (CSA)
Satellite Communications of North America to connect and combine the Presidential Train, Presidential
Yacht, Air Force One, Orbital Satellites and the telephone in one system.

Carolina Emergency Services and Security Company is the amalgamation of the heritage from ancestors
of the same blood-line commencing with William Brewster of the Mayflower Compact in 1620 and from
Louis Charles Bourbon Capet from February 6, 1778 to organize and finance the American
Revolutionary War for the benefit of the United States of North America and for the blood-line family as
detailed in the premise.

In 1865 this family business was in both Lancaster, South Carolina to build a cotton mill that became the
largest cotton mill business on Earth, and to organize Birmingham, Alabama for the manufacturing of
railroad equipment and railway cars for the transportation of cotton back to Lancaster, South Carolina,

under the terms of the 37th United States Congress, Acts of treason against the so-called Confederate
States of America. In 1872 its headquarters were established in both Lancaster and in Birmingham
where they remain today in any and all businesses permitted under the provisions of the premise from the
beginning of the United States. It specializes in para-legal research and development of old and new
corporations from the beginning of the United States and for Tomorrow, and leasing the assets of same
to others, generally under 1, 5, 49, 99, and 999 – year leases for the betterment of man kind.

Several Common Systems Approach Companies were organized in 1968 under the Telephone
Interconnect Act, 1968 Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Street Act, Espionage Act, and the 1861
37th United States Congress, Acts of Treason, to form an amalgamated technology group for the
betterment of the United States of America and for the advancement of mankind through
communications, including:

* International Telecommunication Systems,Incorporated was chartered in 1974 to operate anywhere
on Earth,
* CSA-Satellite Communications of North America, Incorporated was chartered in 1980 to operate
anywhere on Earth, and specializes in logistics;
* TranSatCom of North America, Incorporated was chartered in 1982 to operate anywhere on Earth
with selected GAALT devices under the provisions of the 1934 Federal Communications Act;
* Solar Electric Corporation was chartered in 1982 to operate anywhere on Earth with selected
GAALT devices under the provisions of the 1934 Wheeler-Rayburn Anti-Trust Act;
These corporations are referred to as the CSA-Group Corporations to provide a common systems
approach for advanced communications.

TranSatCom (Transportable Satellite Communications) of North America was organized as a parallel
operating company in 1968 under the provisions of the 1934 Federal Communications Act to provide
the radio path circuits for GAALT Electronic Control Devices for Internal National Defense and other
applications. TranSatCom provides all types of radio equipment and technical services anywhere.

Research on the 48 FAMILIES.. of Virginia Company

One of the secret corporations that is comprised of the Secret OLIGARCHY is the Virginia Company..

In October 1781.. when the Earl of Cornwallis(Capitulated) to the British East India Co EMPLOYEE George Washington.. the name of the Virginia Co. was renamed.. the New Secret Corp was now called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION AND BODY POLITIC..

The Terms of the Capitulation was that the SECRET CORPORATION.. would continue in EXISTENCE>>> FOREVER!.. the arrangement that the King(or Q) of England would continue to receive 20 percent of the the revenues from the Virginia Co.. as per the old Charter of 1607 again.. FOREVER!

the Payseur family signed a contract with Benjamin Franklin in 1785 to handle all of the communication and transportation in the Secret Corporation again FOREVER..

the Crown Prince of France.. ( Louis Charles Bourbon-Capet) was made manager of the United States Corporation in 1805.. At that time the Crown Prince was 20 years old.. He had been in hiding in the City of London since both his parents were beheaded during the French Revolution in 1793

His father Louis Charles Bourbon-Capet(LOUIS16th) AND HIS MOTHER Were of the PURE DRAGON RACE BLOODLINES.& LOUIS= CHARLEMAGNE bloodline ( MARIE ANTOINETTE VON HAPSBURG bloodline- ie Queen Elizabeth 2 today.. )

The Payseur family lost control of the Virginia Company in 1933 when the Company had to file for bankruptcy. All of the Executive orders issues by Roosevelt disenfranchised Louis Cass Payseur family from the Corporation in 1933..

At that time it was taken over by Colonel LEROY SPRINGS.. the founder of the SPRINGMADE BED LINEN FACTORY(as most of you know by NOW.. the HAARPE BROTHERS and their LIZARD CONSTITUENTS.. use the electronic geometries from HAARPE to MIND CONTROL US.. and one of the best ways.. is our SPRING MADE RESONANCE MATTRESSES.). reminds me of the CIRCLES FOUND around major areas like PINE RIDGE.. or any CITY.. ie COUNTRY.. to passify the people.. with FREQUENCIES … currently .. IRAN btw..

anyway.. the founder of the Springmade Bed Linen Factory in Lancaster South Caroline.. LEROY SPRINGS.. Colonel Spring’s granddaughter is the MAIN PERSON IN CHARGE OF THE CORPORATION AND WAS HEAD OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.. HER name is CRANDALL CLOSE BOWLES( RING ANOTHER BELL ? Prince Charle’s wife from HELL? ).. i don’t know if CRANDALL is still alive today.. but she was on the board of the Federal Reserve bank of Charlotte North Carolina and was CEO of the SPRINGMADE BED LINEN COMPANY..

the Federal Reserve Bank evolved out of the North Carolina GOLD COMPANY chartered in 1899 in Charlotte North Carolina. The First National Bank of Charlotte was the bank that MADE THE SECRET GOLD BULLION PAYMENTS to the Queen of England for 190 years..

at any rate the Federal Reserve Bank of Charlotte North Carolina makes the SECRET ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFERS to the CITY OF LONDON today.. This is the 20% of the TAX REVENUES that will FOREVER go back to the CROWN OF ENGLAND via the original contracts with the Virginia COMPANY..

In 1607.. KING JAMES.. ( A VAMPIRE with PORPHYRITIC DISEASE) already knew that there were going to be 48 CONTIGUOUS STATES in N. AMERICA..) remember also the GATEWAY TO THE SUN IN PERU had 48 glyhps around the major figure.. Queztacoatle.. the Snakeruler )

anyway, KING JAMES knew this because it was he who chartered the Virginia CO.. and he knew in 1607 that there were going to be 48 STATES.. because there were 48 MEROVINGIAN FAMILIES who signed on to the Virgina CO Charter.( SO WHERE ARE THESE SIGNATURES TODAY>> HELD SECRETLY!>).

Each MEROVINGIAN FAMILY was to have its very own STATE as its KINGDOM..

There were some Secret Trusts executed with the POPE OF ROME also.

Such as the STATES OF MARY_LAND(MERY_LAND)…. and i do believe that is why they to this day also keep the UCBO trusts so secretive for the FEW.. OLIGARCHICAL MONARCH CONTROL AND RULE OF ASSETS> which is why these trusts are not found in the ordinary LAW SCHOOLS.. except.. CORNELL

List of Lewis Cass Payseur’s three daughters and the current head of each one of his daughter’s families

Iola Madelyn Payseur – Donald Croom Beatty Jr

Pearl Mignon Payseur – James Edward Poore III

Una Payseur – John F Boswell

The three families (each one owns 1/3 of the Payseur dynasty)

Is that you DQ? lol Maybe not but you are definitely on the right track. Daniel Payseur was definitely not the Lost Dauphin, Louis-Charles, Prince Royal of France, son of King Louis XVI of France and Queen Marie Antoinette. The Illuminati and Freemasons had Louis-Charles’ parents beheaded. So Daniel Payseur being an Illuminati was definitely not the Lost Dauphin.

Also those that took the Dauphin from the Temple prison would not have taken him to the Vendee Castle for security because at the time the Vendee was under a scorched earth policy by French revolutionary forces, you know the Reign of Terror. The thousands of men, women and children of the Vendee are recognized by many as heroes and martyrs of the French Revolution. The massacre of the Vendee is recognized by historians as the first modern genocide.

I suppose there is a possibility that Payseur took part in the theft of some of the Bourbon fortunes and spirited it to South Carolina though. You got to hand it to you guys for tracing the demonic Illuminati families and their holdings. Yes, very interesting.

Regarding the quest for the Lost Dauphin and his progeny you may want to watch this short video. I got to warn you though, it may give you the shivers. It did me but in a good way. No OYE, he won’t be the King of Kings. He will come afterwards, possibly a couple of decades afterwards. Pray to the Holy Ghost for proper discernment.

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5/21/2014 5:01:51 PM

While engaged in expanding Bhamwikithe last several days, I’ve had a rash of encounters with some of the wilder forms of speculation. The aim of Bhamwiki is to put forth the facts about any given subject, with the hope that doing so will give readers the means for drawing their own conclusions. What I’m itching to share here, in the form of a commentary, are the “facts” about the speculations themselves.

First, a tame example: Last October Patti Muldowney and her husband John, of Rapho Township, Pennsylvania voyaged on Royal Carribbean’s “Adventure of the Seas”. At their first port of call, they went on a snorkeling trip to a shipwreck. While her husband stayed on the launch, Patti snapped photos of the wreck and marine life with a disposable underwater camera.

In December, their friend Evette Dimm was flipping through the album, and that’s when pareidolia struck. She saw a human figure with a skull-like head half-buried in sand. The Muldowneys both had a “gut feeling” that they were looking at Mountain Brook High School graduate, Natalee Holloway, whose absence has become one of Aruba’s leading commercial exports since May 30, 2005. Early that morning Holloway was lured away from Carlos ‘N Charlie’s Cantina in Oranjestad by a 17-year-old boy for a long walk on the beach. She subsequently missed her flight home and hasn’t been seen since. Over the years several tourists have reported finding skeletal remains in and near Aruba. Most have been identified as shipwrecked sailors.

After showing an enlargement to other friends, their family doctor, and local police, the Muldowneys sent the photograph to the Philadelphia FBI office. When they didn’t hear back from the FBI, even after numerous calls to Quantico, the Muldowneys contacted the media — namelyThe Lancaster Intelligencer-Journal. Other outlets, including The Birmingham News and local television stations, quickly picked up on the “story”, and now Aruban authorities are sending divers to investigate.

About 1,100 miles northwest of Oranjestad lie the Florida Keys, the community that declares “We Seceded Where Others Failed” on their Conch Republic flag. In a trailer on a wooded one-acre lot adjoining a wildlife refuge on Little Torch Key lives a man whose unfortunate duty it is to reveal skeletons. This sunburned poet and pilgrim, a servant of his “board of directors” (Jesus, Michael, Melchizedek and the Holy Spirit), is spiritually obligated to speculate about another missing Mountain Brook resident: his brother, Major Bashinsky .

Sloan Young Bashinsky, Jr was already speculating that blackmail may have led Major to fake his death when a body was found in the pond which encircles the 10th green of the Highland Park Golf Course. After the Jefferson County Coronor confirmed that it was Major’s body, that line continued to be impressed upon Sloan in dreams. Perhaps shame and fear of exposure led his brother commit suicide and make it look like murder? Was Major the anonymous author of the threatening letters distributed on behalf of Golden Flake ‘s “loyal workers”? Nothing could surprise Sloan, who was appointed by his grandfather in a dream as the “collector and keeper of the family skeletons”. Under the glare of media attention on Major’s mysterious death, Sloan has been dragging one or another of those skeletons out of the closet, primarily on his long running “Good Morning Florida Keys ” weblog. Whether his spiritual duties come from above or from inside, Sloan Jr is miles ahead of the facts of the case.

My third example involves another restless pilgrim who was miles ahead of his contemporaries, Birmingham-born aviator, explorer and inventor Donald Croom Beatty (1900–1980). Before he was 30, Beatty had already crashed a self-built airplane in Tarrant, sunk a self-built submarine in Edgewood Lake, trained at Harvard to build radio equipment for the US Navy, traveled across Asia in a tramp steamer building wireless stations for United Fruit, become a charter member of Alabama’s first Air National Guard unit, taught his girlfriend to fly and broadcast her piano-playing on Alabama’s first licensed radio station, received the first of dozens of patents, been nominated for a Distinguished Flying Cross, and recruited business leaders in Birmingham and New Orleans for a pioneering trade delegation to South America. That ambition seemed to die with the stock market crash of 1929, but Beatty was undaunted.

He and his wife and baby daughter moved to New York where he began courting J. P. Morgan to discuss an expedition into the Amazon basin. After he finally got an appointment, he left the meeting with a check for $25,000 and commissioned a seaplane, the “Simon Bolivar”, to carry him, his wife, a playboy nephew of Morgan’s, and a navigator to Peru. There the party joined the Smithsonian’s chief ethnologist and other scientists and technicians for a land-based foray into jungles controlled by the head-shrinking Jivaro tribe. They collected photographs, motion-picture recordings, artifacts and live specimens on the months-long journey across the continent (including a jaguar cub that ended up at the Birmingham Zoo). Their tales could fill a pulp novel. The trip was a success and led to Beatty’s employment as an aerial surveyor and pilot for Pan American-Grace Airways (Panagra), continuing his bold adventures while mapping trans-Andean routes for the young commercial airline.

After returning to the United States as a federal aviation inspector, Beatty was hired to organize a civilian-manned airborne ferrying system prior to World War II. The end of the war found him bouncing between North Carolina and Bermuda as he oversaw the delivery of Convair planes and the training of their crews for service in the Royal Air Force. After the war he joined the Platt-LePage Aircraft Company where he helped develop and test the Air Force’s first helicopter. In 1949 he invented the telephone answering machine. Two years later, Birmingham’s Hayes Aircraft Corporation made him their first employee and put him in charge of developing electronic signaling equipment. The most important of his many patented circuits and devices from that time was dubbed “GAALT ” (“gain-adjusting audio level terminator”), a kind of noise-reduction circuit that improved signal quality in challenging environments, such as between satellites and land-based receivers or across Alabama Power Company’s high-tension lines.

GAALT industries, a company that manufactures devices based on Beatty’s innovation, now makes some rather odd claims on its website about the Beatty family’s long history of involvement in communications infrastructure. Those claims have inspired conspiracy theorists to connect Beatty to a wide-ranging menagerie of shadowy figures and to speculate wildly about the “real” uses of the GAALT device.

These speculations certainly are entertaining, but they don’t help me much as a recorder of dry, encyclopedic facts. The Muldowneys, Bashinskys and Beattys have made it an interesting week, and I’m grateful that “The Terminal”, Birmingham’s hub, has given me an opportunity to disgorge some of the wild stuff that’s been swirling in my head. I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

John Morse is the creator of Bhamwiki. He originally contributed to our site’s A Look Back series.

NOTE: This post originally appeared on our front page on March 21, 2010.

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Quote: “It appears the Payseur fortune is now contained in a Corporation called GAALT Industries”

Posted By:MrFusion[Send E-Mail]Date: Tuesday, 25-Feb-2014 18:29:26

In Response To:BOMBSHELL-Daniel Payseur (Crown Prince Louis aka Louis XVII of France) was smuggled out of France to North Carolina(Lymerick)

The title is a quote from the page linked by Lymerick.GAALT Industries has removed their website from the internet, but it can still be found at’s Wayback Machine: GAALT Industries home page, 2008: GAALT history page, referred to in the article: GAALT history page is what is reproduced in the Payseur article.The last working copy of the site was downloaded by on Feb. 8, 2011. The next download on May 8, 2012, defaulted to the site registrar, indicating the domain was de-registered in between.However, there is one really odd thing. At the top of the GAALT site for Feb. 8, 2011, there is a link which says “FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT GAALT. LISTEN TO THE VERITAS SHOW.” That link is not present in previous archive versions of the site, up through Apr 11, 2008, which is the period when the initial flurry of Payseur-GAALT forum posts came out.The link is for, which is now, run by Mel Fabergas. A search of for “GAALT” gives no hits. So I don’t quite know what to make of the now-defunct GAALT website. Why would it have acquired a link to a conspiracy-themed radio show? I’m smelling a bit of disinfo here…or maybe they just want us to think it’s disinfo…


Some Proven GAALT®Systems Applications In Service

Presidential Train
Air-to-Ground Networks
Communication Satellites
Submarine Cable Circuits

Long-Lines Telephone Circuits
Manned Spaceflight Communications
Railway/Industrial Microwave Networks
Mobile Communication Trailers/Shelters

Some of GAALT®’s Customers

American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
Canadian Forces
Canadian Pacific Railway Company
Collins Radio Company
Companhia Radiotelegrafica Brasileira
Department of the Air Force
Department of the Navy
Empire Land Company
Empresa Tecnica De Equipamentos

Electricos SARL

Hayes International Corporation
ITT Central America Cables & Radio
Liberty National Life Insurance Co.
Missouri Pacific Railroad Company
Northern Radio Manufacturing Co.
Patlon Aircraft and Industries Ltd.
Philco Corporation
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)
RCA Victor Company, Limited
Ships Electronics and Marine Services
Specialty Electronics, Limited
Tele-Radio Systems, Limited
The Bahama Islands Government
The Technical Materiel Corporation
TraTcor MAS
United Fruit Trading Corporation

Argentina Government
Canadian Marconi Company
Central of Georgia Railway Company
Companhia Dos Diamantes De Angola
Defense Electronics Supply Center
Department of the Army
Electronica Guatemalteca
Empresa Guatemalteca De Telecomm. Intertronica, Limitada
JITCO Specialized Book Distributors
Liberian Radio Service
Minor’s Veterinary Clinic
National Aeronautics and Space Admn.
Page Communications Engineers, Inc.
Pecos Radio Dispatch
Racal communications Limited
Radiografica Costarricense
Scientific Radio Systems, Inc.
Southern Railway Company
The Anaconda Company
The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone

Company of Virginia

Tropical Radio Telegraph Company
Westrex Communications, Division, Litton
WLAU Radio Station, Laurel, Mississippi

and yet another link shows that 
they also act as a publishing company. 

Google “GAALT Industries” 
we find this 
Gaalt Industries 
1013 Oxmoor Road 
Birmingham, AL 35209 
Phone: 205-879-3774 
IC: 6794 
Sales: $10-25 Million 
Employees: 2 – 4 
Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate 
Holding and Other Investment Offices 
Patent owners and lessors 

is it the same GAALT Ind. ? 

anyhoo food for thought 

[edit on 29-10-2008 by warrenb] 
weird picture of globe with light, coming soon? 

interesting that OP’s domain is also gone..

In regards to Americall Group, It is an inbound/outbound telemarketing company. It intern is owned by a french company. This company has accounts from every major credit card co. and many insurance providers and catalog companies. The company uses the latest tech available 
and updates its systems every 2 to 3 years. I will not reveal confidentiasl 
and I do not exactly understand your question in regards to this industry ?

ust to add to the intrigue, in mythology the manticore ate human flesh. 

In Greek the manticore is called “baricos”. 

An awfully unfriendly name for a company … one wonders who came up

For a moment let us digress back to the
time when the former Crown Prince of
France, now Daniel Payseur (1785-1860)
arrived in America.
Daniel married a woman by the name of
Susannah Riser or (Kisor) around the
year of 1814 approximately, (all
marriages of this family’s bloodline are
through all issue of the families to this
date, as they say, “we keep the marriage
in the family”). Susannah was the sister
to one Sarah Riser which married a
German by the name of John Reed who
owned the Reed Gold Mine and started
the gold rush fever in the Carolinas. The
Payseurs were also involved with gold
mines. In Daniel’s business years before
his death he was instrumental in
acquiring, with his wealth from gold
holdings, vast holdings in numerous
banks, railroad construction companies,
railway companies, canal companies,
tramway companies, companies for the
manufacture of railroad engines, railway
cars, railway sleeping cars (Pullman),
steam tractors and plows now known as
International Harvester, Colt Firearms
(Gatling Gun), Wagons and Buggies, now
known as Cadillac cars. He owned huge
plantations of cotton, tobacco, timber and
corn, he also owned the manufacture of
cotton. Eli Whitney, of the cotton gin.


Susannah and Daniel had two sons the first born was Adam and then Jonas. At some time in Adams young adult life he was murdered and all of the family assets were set up to pass to Jonas W. Payseur upon his father Daniel’s death. Jonas carried on the family tradition and increased the family holdings to include steam ship companies now known as. United Fruit Company, Mining Equipment Co., Aluminum Company of America

(ALCOA)., Mining companies for Coal, Iron, Copper, Gold and Silver and was the main supplier to the government for gold and silver. They started the meat processing company now known as Armour and Company and started the cattle and stock yards across America at the railroad yards.

While the Payseurs were busy buying property during the Civil War, the Union government was actively seizing all property and public records. The reason for this search and seizure was to find out who owned what property, so it (The Government) could seize more property.
All of the public records were seized from each county court house in every Confederate State and taken to Bradford, North Carolina, where they were meticulously studied, some of them totally rewritten, thence to be returned to their original places (if they had not been destroyed) at a later date. This information was found

out after I was doing research in the southern court houses. I counldn’t figure out how the same hand writing kept showing up in all these different record books all across the south, in different states, on the same dates.

My friend was kidding me when I voiced this question and he told me that they got around in flying saucer back then.

In order to conceal the family interests from both the government and Quantrill’s Raiders. (Quantrill had married into the Springs Family) the Payseurs bought things in family names, (fathers-in-laws, brothers-inlaws etc., etc..) such as Smith, Giles, Moore. Poore, Hawkins. Coon, Payseur, Bashore, Bason. Hudson, Kaiser, Lettson, Reed. Throughout all of it, when forming corporations, he always held Stock Certificate number one

(1). Which was always a special type of voting, “Class “A” type” preferred stock and always signified prime ownership.

Jonas W. Payseur married Harriette Smith and their eldest son was Lewis Cass Payseur. Lewis Cass is on record in the library of congress as being a postmaster from 1877 to 1883 in North Carolina. Lewis carried on the family tradition by being instrumental in adding such business to the list as the United States Postal Service, the Federal Reserve, the United States Military Railroad Security Police of the Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad, known today after many name changes and years of obscurity as the C.I.A.

There are many different levels and branches of this organization. They acquired huge forest from coast to coast for wood products and manufacturing of (utility poles, cross ties, railroad cars, furniture, boxes etc., etc., and the automobile manufacture now known as General motors corporation.

During the depression of the late eighteen hundreds, (thanks to the shortage of cash that was in circulation) the Rutherfordton Railroad Construction Company, extended credit to the railroad companies in exchange for their Stock (preferred stock, of course, which carried voting rights and also their government granted land patents as collateral of the credit) to finish the expansion of the railroads.

When the railroad companies bankrupted, their stock was forfeited to L.C. Payseur, and the railroad companies whose stock L.C. held were thereby amalgamated under one railroad. Southern Railway Company.

Along with these railroad companies came their land acquired from congressional land grants. All of the railroad companies were set up on new 99-year leases . The majority of these leases expire on the 17th of June 1993, this lease merged with Norfolk Western Railway to extend it through the merger and name change of Norfolk Southern to Dec. 31, 1993.

The Payseur family and the railroads acquired the monopoly for the manufacturing of electrical power. The monopoly for pipeline companies for water and fuels now known as Standard Oil or Exxon oil. Exporting and Importing of goods and foods.

The family estate was always passed to the eldest son of the eldest son in the family, it was believed that the women had no brains and were not worthy of knowing any more than how to have babies and entertain family and business associates. So for many generations the women were treated like mushrooms.

Unfortunate for the peoples of the world Lewis Cass Payseur was unable to produce a male heir, he and his wife Mary Alice Hudson Payseur had three daughters, Una. Pearl and the eldest Iola Madelyn who married George Gatling, (Gatling guns), and none of them were privileged to very much detailed information about the families holdings. However they were intrusted with the family genealogy and kept very accurate records.

With the death of Lewis Cass he left no male heir to his fortune, so in solution to this he appointed lolas’ (eldest daughter) husband to manage his Payseurs affairs.

The family secrets were kept hidden from the women for the most part up until Iola Payseur Folgums husbands’ death in the mid 1950’s. Iola’s husband had been appointed by Lewis Cass as his personal business manager and of course he knew everything and it was all kept in the records in the family safe in there home.

After Mr. Folgums death I’m sure curiosity got the best of lola and sent on a search!
It is known that she went through all of her fathers and husbands personal record of the families business and locked everything away ordering in her will that it not be opened until five years after her death.

The family really wasn’t to concerned about what was there because they had plenty of money, everyday they had checks come in the mail or money was deposited into their bank accounts from stock dividends. Five years came and past and the family had forgotten about opening the safe.

In about the year of 1971 the family decided to sell the old estate, it was at that time the family decided to open the safe. It was then they discovered power and vast holdings the estate held. The family had to make some major decisions and fast!

One of the things that the family discovered was the information about the 99 year leases, and the fact that the family owned all the railroads and the lands granted to the railroads associated with this ownership were hundreds of corporations in the united states and around the world. On the day that the safe was opened the family found hundreds of stock certificates where L.C. Payseur held “Stock Certificate #1 – type A”- denoting
the principle, or major ownership of each corporations.
Since about 1972, the family has been trying to regain control of the leased corporations to clear up the mess that has happened with everything and the frauds that have been committed.

The following pages are documents that show L. C. Payseurs ownership of various companies – cont’d – link – archive