Anmarie Uber – The Virtuals are Mirrors, Our purpose moving forward ?

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“QUESTION EVERYTHING I challenge you to “Make the Break”, from the ceilings, patterns, cycles and karma that have been blocking you from taking back control of your future. Through books and instruction, I intend to teach you to do just that, as well as learn to read your own possible futures, and trust yourself. Despite my efforts to live a hermit-like existence, I know my mission is to be out in the world. (Maybe some of you can relate with me on that – being empaths.) In my spare time, I love reading, and writing books. Although I work seven days a week, I find time to get out in nature, to recharge, on a regular basis. To send my appreciation to the trees, plants and animals. I guess you could say I am a pretty low key person. My life, however, has been anything but boring. The many painful experiences, dark nights of the soul, searching for answers, miracles and amazing synchronicities, are now culminating into information for several books, so all those years were not in vain. I leave it to you now, to take up your own quest of the soul, and discover why you are here, and more importantly, what comes after…” – cont’d

Anmarie Uber