Hey, let’s put a Sandbox & a Zillion little Walls around Everything online … C’mon, it’ll be fun ! We can get the DUMB SHEOPLE to pay for their NEW and IMPROVED Matrix ! ??? Really ???

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That’s right, they are no longer making it possible to BROWSE the FREE WORLD WIDE INTERNET without hundreds of SANDBOXES (little walls around every fucking process) IN THE WAY … which means what … ? Try not swear !

Instead of logically telling folks – don’t put anything important on your computer or smart phone … they say, don’t worry, AFTER WE MAKE Y’ALL BELIEVE IN FAKE GLOBAL cyber VIRUSES that can’t be stopped … the only solution all of us smart guys came up with is to ISOLATE EVERY FUCKING PROCESS … and of course we’re doing this because we care about your SAFETY and SECURITY and PRIVACY online … YA THINK ! ?

NO, you don’t think …. 1. you are trusting the folks who bought OPERA browser, The folks who Greased Firefox back axles for 300 million … and of course, the amazing folks playing God at Google …. to do what ? build little walls (sandboxes) around EVERY single thing you do online … every single cyber fart is now in it’s very own little ISOLATED PROCESS ….

key word: ISOLATED !

AND IF YA’ DON’T BEHAVE YOURSELF IN THE FUTURE , WE’LL PUT YA’ IN AN ISOLATION CHAMBER FOR YOUR OWN FUCKING’ GOOD … NEVER MIND WHO DECIDES WHAT’S GOOD … YOU’RE USING OUR PLATFORM TO COMMUNICATE FROM POINT A TO B … and you agreed to allow us to zig zag your simple fucking email through 24 other letters to make that possible … never mind the logic of it ….


These ISOLATED processes are to ISOLATE (divided and conquer and subdivide and sub conquer everything – in the name of national defense in the Global war THEATER of course !

that’s why the internet is so FUCKED UP in 2021

end users TRUST the same folks who own the bankrupt fake Corporations passing their bullshittery around as real goverments …. yep, them folks control the internet using the same WAYS AND MEANS


Simple logic ? Hey, would ya’ like to turn sandboxing on today MR. PARANOID … we can run your information around in 77 circles and 99 detours before it gets from Point A to B … AND THE BEST PART OF IT IS ? We’re the only ones who will control it for ya’

Thanks for trusting us !

You’re so important !

Sure wouldn’t want to tell ya’ how much we appreciate your TRUST in 2021 !

IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT ‘SANDBOXING’ IS … take a day and study it for yourself.

May the God of your Choice have mercy on your perverted brain and sold out perverted soul

Put is still spelled with a ‘P’ last time i checked ya’ pathetic manipulating shit for brain cyber SNAKES ! and fuck whoever changed 300 million to billion … y’all worthless disposable pen pushing NWO idiots …