Matrix Mash #30: Temporal Energy Events, Agent Provocateurs & Adrift Egregores ?

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Robert is feeling good again so we got back in the saddle for another round. Enjoy! :) Topics Include: – Beanie night! – Energetic shift 1/6/21, not in a good way; strange fallout – Ralph’s and Food for Less in Long Beach – Jeff Bezos is out of the game – 5 year lockdown? – Robert hit the wall – Losing his place inside the narrative – star shaped injectables – Self-assembling nanobots – Leaky gut, cross domain bacteria, synthetic technology – live off fermentation – War is on our mind, body, spirit, psyche, energy body – Sacred geometry of Washington ,D.C. – Biden’s heavy pen – James Lindsey, Pete Bogossian – Combahee River Collective (?) – spell of BLM, intersectionality, critical race theory, wokeism – Milton Friedman – consumerism experience of “Cue” – “Cue” and Marxism: common denominator—UTOPIA – Occupy Wall Street – Ali Alexander…..bringer of nothing – Game Stop = Occupy Wall Street 2.0 – Same people behind it, e.g. Obama, one week into Biden’s presidency – Zeitgeist for Aquarius – Classic socialist dialectic Find Robert Phoenix at\ Support Emily at or​ Contact Emily at with comments, show topic suggestions or to book a session for intuitive anything from nutrition consulting to life coaching or just plain ole’ story telling.