Creations Co-Creating Creations; Reality Generators Co-Generating Realities … ?

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Via Intentions, in a plasma, electric universe … and when one arrives at the top of one pyramid … the bottom of another one awaits … rinse and reapeat …

some folks create uniquely

other folks are copy cats

some folks like to put firewalls and echo chambers around things and take credit for things they did not create … all in vain

everything ends up where it belongs, eventually

and the attemps of some to CONTROL this perfectly simple eternal equation will not succeed for long

The black and white and greay and all colors of the rainbow depend on infinite choices and infinite creations … or, they themselves cease to exists

Why is it so hard for folks in the WEST to break free from their Adam & Eve FATHER OF ABE perceptions and study the history of the world BEFORE fake religions came along and blinded them with HALF TRUTH and LIES …

And, what is to be discovered when we remove these Rose Colored Glasses we’ve been wearing for 2,000 plus years ….

One thing is for certain … it’s not the Father of Truth and Facts we’ve been following.