IF the ‘wet ink’ used to ‘claim’ anything ON A PIECE OF F’N PAPER comes from ‘chemicals derived from nature … and if nature was created using the building blocks provided by the God of SUBSTANCE … ?

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nothing that anyone has ever claimed that is not in harmony with the God of Nature or the a priori God of and provider of the substance is worth a wet monkey fart … this includes the delusional and completely illogical claims of CONSTANTINE … it includes all the mind games the Romans, Vatican and ancient PHARONIC BLOODLINES rely on to justify their insane beliefs … and if any of these claims on paper attempt to mislead or deceive other life forms in UNNATURAL WAYS (which they surely do) – at the end of this equation … none of their paper work using wet ink or even blood are worth a boiling frog turd … and they can all … go … and … (are we connected ? can ya’ here me now mr. peter and paul) THE GOD OF SUBSTANCE thinks you’re all retarded and full of SH-T