Proof that we’ll discuss any topic ? UnFuckIt Discussion Feb 9 2021 ?

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Proof that we’ll discuss any topic, the pre show opens with a conversation about bras and corsets, lol!!! Then onto the latest in Crypto news, then what the actual fuck is going on in the whitehouse? and so on and so forth…. Unfortunately we lost our internet completely for the second half of the discussion, but Monty did an awesome job conducting the orchestra :D In other news our internet should be (hopefully) fixed by tomorrow or the next day, and we may have an impromptu UnFuckers Chat to celebrate- schedule to be announced on





HigherAshanti4 days ago‼️Whoop whoop – MY FAVOURITE SHOW‼️7REPLY

Mizake The Mizan

Mizake The Mizan2 days agoWish they stop talking about the bitcoin…2REPLY


WanderingFool1003 days agoYou know at times I have a sense of being through something like this before or some kind of weird deja vu. Anyone else?4REPLYView 2 replies


MetalGearMk34 days ago (edited)Not a “50/50 server take down”. It’s call a “51% attack”, and it’s nearly impossible to do on Bitcoin , so no need to even worry about it.3REPLYView reply

Leea Hammon

Leea Hammon3 days agoI have questions pertaining to Corporations starting their own money exchanges, with them also wanting to separate are states? If America is back to a Republic does it make since to be handing our money right back to them again?1REPLY


jaxdreaming2 days agoOnce you let go of the craziness and find that centre pillar you find the most wonderful freedom. Love your discussions.REPLY

M Stella

M Stella3 days ago (edited)Dawn, thank you for mentioning the ‘program’ of aging and death. It is also referred to in scripture. You are obviously also familiar with Sonia Barrett’s work. This was a great discussion.Thanking you all. I was disappointed it was not a longer discussion.2REPLY

Claire Neely

Claire Neely3 days ago“You do You”REPLY


MetalGearMk34 days ago (edited)Been in the crypto space since 2017, I am so happy right now, especially with Cardano(ADA) performance :) . BTC, ETH, ADA to the moon! I recommend looking to Cardano if you want to buy a altcoin.3REPLYView reply

Jennifer L4 days agoExcellent show!! So much of this resonated. Spot on! Thank you! Love you all!3REPLY

randy rittenhouse

randy rittenhouse3 days ago@1:34:25 I’ve found that when you are truly spiritually aligned and the energy flows correctly your body craves proper nutrients and anything unhealthy becomes unpalatable. This last summer was a real eye opener the energies were super focused and it sent me down a path of healthy living that stuck with me. I think that the ancients felt that all the time and a healthy lifestyle was effortless for them. hence the extended life expectancy.3REPLYView reply

Nicholas R4 days agoGlad you’re able to post this👌👌3REPLY

Liberty4 days ago (edited)Am trying to post something about a free mining program and yt won’t let me . It’s p i , by invite of a member ,trying it like this now lol .1REPLY

Lisa Smith3 days agoNow I want a corset2REPLY

Lori Wheeler

Lori Wheeler4 days agoThe reason the dems wont wake up to this being a dictatorship is because biden is signing all those EO’s that are undoing the ones that trump signed in, plus sneaking some others in.1REPLY

J Armstrong

J Armstrong3 days agoExcellent discussion Y’all!!! Dawn ✨✨😊✨. Monty 😊✨😊✨ Exactly Remember Who You Are !!!!!2REPLY

The Lyran Lynx

The Lyran Lynx3 days agoMonty & Dawn…BRAVO!!!! 👏👏👏 Great job leading the discussion when Dani & Nick got lost in the Aether! I LOVED HOW YOU GUYS WENT INTO THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF THINGS! Nick, thanks for the info on the crypto.👍👍👍 Dani, much 💖💖💖 as always from Canada 😊☮💕✌💋5REPLYView 3 replies


J W4 days ago:))3REPLY

Crypto Canine

Crypto Canine1 day agoAll Governments Tax crypto if you utilise a centralized exchange they are aware of your trading. The Australian taxation classes it as capital gains and it is prefilled on your return.REPLY


Julianne1 day agoI agree with Monty! I am very grateful for this show and community 🙏 Thank you!REPLY

Lee Garner

Lee Garner3 days agoFirst of all thank you Nick in keeping us informed on the money exchange in bitcoin,we can at least put our trust in your information.Im sorry Dani youre having so much internet problems,hope you get back to some thing normal.It was a great show though,Monty did an awesome job the last part of the show.Dawn was so right in saying dont play into all this crap,dont feed their energy.REPLY

Sam Rick

Sam Rick2 days agoWe are cattle, not sheep 😋REPLY

judy mohre

judy mohre4 days agoNot UTAH, NEVADA.1REPLY

dana j

dana j3 days agoi just started the video but i wonder who the lady who sews corsets is? I would like to talk to her about sewing if possible? Im learning to sew and i want to design some garments with a bit of modified corset -like compression and i cant find anyone who knows about it……1REPLYView 2 replies from RemovingtheShackles and others

Benjamin Hunt

Benjamin Hunt4 days agoThanks Monty. You are a delight! UnFuckers ROCK1REPLY

Georgia Albert - Smoking Woman

Georgia Albert – Smoking Woman2 days agoPopulation reduction seems to be only in the US. China stopped the 1 child per family policy to increase population. Japan is trying to increase their population. Russia is paying women to have children. Scandinavian countries are encouraging their people to have children.REPLY

Jan Emily

Jan Emily4 days agoJoe Biden actually said that signing EOs is a dictatorship. I believe he was talking about Trump. This whole fakery in the US government is sickening. This entire world is fucked up and I’m wondering if the same is going on in all dimensions right now!1REPLYView reply

layney 888

layney 8884 days agoAgree on the videophone issues!!!!!!! Grrrrerrr1REPLYView reply

randy rittenhouse

randy rittenhouse3 days agomeh… this show has turned into the crypto currency show… definitely not a fan.