David Weiss: Flat Earth Matters ?

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David Weiss from DITHRH and The Flat Earth Podcast joined me to chat about why it matters if/that the earth is flat and what it means in the grander scope of things. This didn’t go how I had imagined and for some reason I had trouble settling in and going with flow on this one kids. Maybe I just don’t care if the earth is flat….lol. I hope you enjoy it anyway. :)

Public Hour: Flat Earth Matters?

Emily and David have a rousing discourse about what the earth really is and what difference does it make if it’s round or flat?

  • The Earth, it’s both flat and round, right?
  • Importance for understanding the earth is flat
  • We are at the center of creation
  • No one has dominion over us
  • Our minds create reality
  • It’s about the lie that’s being perpetrated
  • Globe programming from birth
  • Georgia Guide Stones
  • The flat earth rabbit hole David went down
  • Flat earth is like a pond
  • Lord Steven Christ-concave earth
  • Waco, Koresh
  • Cyrus T. Reed, Cellular Cosmogony
  • Earth an energetic system with a toroid field around it
  • It’s provable that we don’t live on a spinning ball of water flying through the universe
  • Ruth
  • The three places we can’t go
  • What’s really above us?
  • FPV Angel
  • Astrology is the real science, astronomy is the lie?
  • Stars…bioluminescence in a viscous ocean above us
  • The 200 year cycle
  • Traveling

Patron Segment: Penetrating “Space(s)”

  • Globe programming in depth
  • Secret space program
  • Teleportation & time travel
  • Vortex mathematics
  • Covid Agenda possibilities
  • And so much more


Emily Moyer