Compassion for the Contradictions is not Equivalent to ‘____’ of Them … ?

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But, at the end of the equation, is perhaps the highest state of mind one can achieve in this realm, made of these kind of ‘building blocks … Buddha Taught compassion for all life

IF the seed of the ‘opposite is in all things, that would suggest it’s also present in all definitions of negatives, positives & neutral …

If Admiralty law – law of the sea was created to simplify global trade – and if Corporations were created to make life ‘better’ – and if Fiat Currency was also created to make things better … does it really matter if any of the above was based on ‘faith’

NOTHING in this realm works without FAITH or TRUST …

so it seems that it wasn’t the ‘system’ to blame as much as the ‘fraud’ that grew like a cancer inside of it and took advantage of it … via human greed

yes. we must be offline, if WEIRD PRESS said so …

but this SCRATCHPAD thought will be finished because i’m in the mood to finish a few thoughts about illusions and how things get turned inside out.

The modern world was created using a system of FIAT CURRENCY … with all the deception that implies … it still improved this world faster, in more ways than all the other systems of finance before it …

It will be interesting to see what replaces it …

It was only the great progress that this system of Financed based on Faith allowed men to achieve that gave the average ‘feudal serf’ the free time to figure it out … etc. etc.

There would not be a fridge and microwave in billions of homes without ‘credit’

If we look at facts instead of words written on pieces of paper

What would the world be like without Prometheus giving mere human beings the gift of fire …

Would we all still be walking around dumb and naked if Eve had not eaten the forbidden fruit

Will the father of lies replace the last one he tried to make us happy with … with a better suited one for a new age

Was Buddha right ?

As long as we’re still playing the game and desiring anything that keeps us attached to this realm, we will keep being reborn until we decide to take a chance and go where he resides in mythology

Is the mythological god of the old testament the same as the mythological god of the new one

Who defines your world …. who tries to manipulate your mind … who tries to prevent freedom of speech and opinion in the public square …. surely not any creative god … but men who fear the answers to questions and fear new things and creative beings.

if one wants privacy creating their own art, music, inventions, etc.

is using the internet in 2021 even a viable choice ?