Removing The Shackles – Dani – Transpicuous News Feb 24 2021 ?

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Transpicuous News, Feb 24 2021 Welcome to upsidedown world!  The media (and governments) are making the hypocrisy and the blatant mind control programming that is being continuously blasted at the general public completely transparent.  They aren’t even trying to hide it any more.  Is this an indication of just how programmed and indoctrinated the average person is, that they can come right out with this stuff, knowing that people will believe it? ….

What reality is this?  Seriously…. welcome to the upsidedown world!!  Transpicuous News Article:…



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Gorff Z

Gorff Z 11 hours ago Morning coffee, doobies and tanspicuous news Wednesdays off to a great start. Hope you have a great day all 😊 5

Julie Kilbride

Julie Kilbride 10 hours ago <3 Hugs Danni – Thanks for this – We need to tell Kill Bill its our planet and we dont want his involvement. Is it ok to share outside our group? Love n Hugs from Ireland 3

Adele Bailie

Adele Bailie 5 hours ago Hi! Nice to see that someone else from Ireland is watching Removingtheshackles! Gives me a bit of hope! 1

daisy thompson

daisy thompson 10 hours ago The other day I couldn’t stop repeating, “Nothing matters, nothing matters.” 4

Julie Kilbride

Julie Kilbride 10 hours ago I go through that “nothing matters” then suddenly “everything matters” do something ;) 1

daisy thompson

daisy thompson 10 hours ago Two ways to read it. ‘Why bother?’ and ‘It’s not real.’ I was swinging back and forth between the two. 1

sanitariumradio STFU darcy

sanitariumradio STFU darcy 6 hours ago we have done all we “need”to do. joy of what matters to you is all that matters! i love the lyrics the metallica’s Nothing Else Matters <3 much love to you all 2

Leonita C

Leonita C 6 hours ago i wonder if i walk down the street playing a pipe if i will get a following? lol. hmm can we sue kill bill for giving medical advice without a licance? the questions we are not alowed to ask are stacking up. 2

Queen Manifestor

Queen Manifestor 10 hours ago (edited) I can’t believe Billy G hasn’t been sent to heaven by a fan. If you get what I mean.😓 1

Meredith's Lucky Stars

Meredith’s Lucky Stars 9 hours ago Why is the qanon label on this 🤦🏻‍♀️ can’t believe you would take time out of your busy life to lie to us Dani!! Heh 1

Jon Fairway

Jon Fairway 9 hours ago Missed these sooooooooo much !!!! 2

julie nugent

julie nugent 9 hours ago great job today Dani! 👍❤️

Mallorie Ryan

Mallorie Ryan 10 hours ago Good one Dani!! 2


dorzentatu 8 hours ago Btw, great vid.

Bella Virgo

Bella Virgo 7 hours ago You must been doing something right you got a Q anon warning under your video see it as a badge of honor. 2

W W 34

W W 34 9 hours ago Did you know your video was labeled with QANON by Wikipedia? 😆How special. 1

juwel k

juwel k 5 hours ago NO Body is “under biden lol