The Scam Kimberly Ann Goguen wants us all to forget. The Kingdom of Manna ?

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Kim Goguen has attempted many ways to fool governments, and con people In to believing she is the guardian of a trust that owns all assets world wide. that trust is called “The Manna World Holding Trust”.

To make this trust credible, she was tasked by her OCH bosses to use some an old civilization (Kingdom of manna) to leave a legitimate footprint on the internet.

Kim and her crew setup The Kingdom of Manna.

That all failed after Kim and her team member Jasper Ellerman had a few disputes. So Kim was removed from the Con by the OCG leaders.

This video will show how Kim went from full on promotion of The Kingdom of Manna to complete slander of her old team.

Today she won’t speak a word of it.

It’s the same pattern she has done to Thomas Williams of Truth Honor & Integrity (THI)

She has moved onto another team that is recruiting Q and Trump followers.
Taking their donations and payments for crap merchandise.

She still mentions the trust, but its no longer called Manna World Holding Trust.
just “The Trust”.

I wonder why?