WHO’s In Charge, Really? Which Authority STANDS ?

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WHAT IS LAWFUL? BEHAVIOR is or isn’t. http://www.holyconservancy.org/2728..htm​ WHAT IS FAIR? INTENTION to produce a WIN/WIN outcome without partiality. WHAT IS EQUITABLE? That everyone who vests and invests gets a proportionate return. WHAT DEMONSTRATES selfish or harmful INTENTIONS?

1. Treating a Wish AS IF IT WERE a FACT. :: treachery, foolery, fakery, hypocrisy

2. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul :: double-dealing, exploiting, enslaving, bribing, blackmailing, extorting, robbing, stealing, usury-charging, creating_debt

3. Playing both ends against a Middle Ground :: misquote, fabricate, confabulate, fib, lie, polarize, perjure, mock, libel, slander; divide & conquer

WHAT SORT OF DISEASE has CONQUERED Society? to WHAT OUTCOME? https://rumble.com/vdtb5f-covid-virus…

https://www.amazon.com/dp/1530813093/​ Let Your ‘no’ Mean “NO,” an Anthology of Community Building Ideas: Financing and Harmonizing Your Off-Grid Community Paperback – April 1, 2016


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Shechai Yah

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Shechai Yah

Shechai Yah 1 week ago 1 Comment is not shown. What’s the Game, here? 4

David and Diana Pink

David and Diana Pink 1 week ago Thank you, we thoroughly enjoy your wisdom and sweet style… glad to be awake to follow down the deeper rabbit holes! Blessings from Vancouver Island BC, Canada eh! 💜🇨🇦🌻🌈🌸 1

Felix Bloxham

Felix Bloxham 1 week ago “Who’s in charge” you say, its the same players as always The NeoAnglo Holy Roman Imperial Empire and all their machinations and familiars and their very shiny cockroaches that do their bidding that’s who.


M H 5 days ago Did you recompose Behold A Pale Horse (Red Pill Trilogy) Book?