Investigating “Selma’s Bliss” has lead me back to talking about the Mandela Effect

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“I think the Mandela Effect has to be a part of any discussion on the nature of reality. It’s O.K. if you can’t see it… Only a percentage of this community can see it. No, it’s not misremembering. I’ve heard that one before…”

Quantum of Conscience



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iempire100 1 day ago Don’t even bother addressing you decision to discuss what you want. No one has to watch it. Feel free to kick rocks and find what you want to watch somewhere else. Otherwise, open your mind and listen to the presentation. 59

Ralph Malph

Ralph Malph 1 day ago (edited) Should’ve titled the show The “Selmandela” Effect…or would it be the Salmandela Effect? 98


TheNumberOneGuyDude 1 day ago I don’t get why the Mandela Effect triggers people… it’s a really interesting phenomenon. 172

David McDonald

David McDonald 1 day ago There is nothing bigger than the Mandela Effect It’s so crazy. It’ll be at the top of my focus until fully understood. It shows what they are REALLY hiding Jesus said you will say to that mountain move and it will be moved…….very relative. Love it. 12

Will Power

Will Power 1 day ago “We will rewrite history one letter at a time.” – Voltairu 22

Phil Wile

Phil Wile 1 day ago Wayne’s World 2 residuals; “they will come” plus 5 village people just like YMCA on America’s got talent. 6 in the official song video now. 16

Dangerous Discourse

Dangerous Discourse 1 day ago (edited) In the past year and a half, Ive done the ‘download’ test on a number of people. Without fail, they answer the questions with the ‘old’ answers, when they r told they r incorrect, theyll look up the ‘new’ answers and immediately take the download. Its fascinating 78


CryptoTrader 1 day ago It’s bizarre. I visited a shopping centre called “The Lion and Lamb”, and in UK there’s countless “Lion and Lamb” or “The Lamb and Lion” named pubs and Inns. But apparently all that never existed. Weird as all heck. What possible meaning does a Lion and a Lamb have outside the (never existed) bible reference ? Makes zero sense. It was also a “thing” as I grew up that the Lion lay down with the Lamb. No way in heck you’d confuse that. 23

Danielle sienat

Danielle sienat 1 day ago (edited) Hey Matt, talk about the Mandela Effect!! It’s your channel and the effected people appreciate it. 63

Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas 1 day ago You can find the truth, just look inside yoursalf Clarice. 16


MrMotodog1 1 day ago Everyone’s reality is not the same. 39


KCCAT5 1 day ago (edited) Wtf its Selma!. Feels like this shit is starting to ramp up again. 36

Tom Servo

Tom Servo 1 day ago Finally! Let’s do mandela effect once a week. The “Triggered” can go watch Android Cooper 30


TBD 20 hours ago I read “Interview With A Vampire” in high school. 6

Bulent Solmaz

Bulent Solmaz 1 day ago In Turkish they say “Ayna ayna” (mirror mirror) and not “Sihirli ayna” (magic mirror). When i search for ayna ayna on google there is enough proof. By the way, keep up the good work Matt. 12


Asyouwere 1 day ago I was thinking ‘yes, of course it is Salma, everyone knows that’ but then I read the comments with everyone saying it has always been Selma… Well, hello new earth friends, I apparently come from a parallel earth, in peace. Nice rack btw. 21

anti-troll Comedian

anti-troll Comedian 1 day ago My big one was “Sex in the City”, I remember saying what’s the difference didn’t make sense to me. Well now it’s “Sex and the City” go figure. Anybody else remember in instead of and? 34

Steve Burton

Steve Burton 1 day ago (edited) Charles Schultz the creator of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and The Peanuts,, is now Charles Schulz … that’s a big one for me. 80

Danny Presson

Danny Presson 1 day ago Ppl that are beneficiaries of the system will always defend the system. Remember the words of Morphius. 37

Sheriff of YouTube

Sheriff of YouTube 1 day ago When Salma was Selma she was Less DollyParton… Madella hit her with the lucky stick 17

Vin Tenag

Vin Tenag 1 day ago I don’t remember her set being so large… 60

john phillips

john phillips 1 day ago The craziest one I ever saw was the Apollo 13 movie change from Houston we have a problem to Houston we’ve had a problem. Then randomly one day it changed back my sister and I both witnessed it. 29

Two Pyramid

Two Pyramid 1 day ago Biggest Mandela Effect (for those who have seen Moonraker): Dolly had braces. 12

David Paulk

David Paulk 1 day ago Wish you would talk about the Mandela Effect often. It’s another thing all the NPCs in my life cant see. 6


OM B 1 day ago (edited) I’m glad you’re talking about it… the Mandela Effect that is. 77

Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt 1 day ago You have to consider that everything can now be easily changed with the internet to where back in the day there was no internet. Gaslighting is alot worse now. 27

5.56 Bear

5.56 Bear 22 hours ago (edited) My wife has the DVD from when the movie “Fools Rush In” came out. It reads Salma. I remember her name as “Selma” 3

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze 1 day ago This rabbit hole now smells like dirty earring backs and rusty pennies ..I want off this ride folks..didn’t even catch it when I watched Bliss. Now I will admit I’ve been hearing the name Selma a lot this month. I really thought the effects were done but I guess not. 13

David Antczak

David Antczak 1 day ago Matt do you remember when you were Quasar of Conscience? That would be weird. 5


L V 1 day ago I remember her name as Selma Hayek. No doubt in my mind at all. 21

Julie Bella

Julie Bella 1 day ago Batman: Joker was in a nursing outfit and came out in red high heels, but now he has nursing shoes on. They do it all the time! 5

Legion James2.0

Legion James2.0 1 day ago (edited) I remember the dolly has braces one SPECIFICALLY. My best Child hood friend was obsessed with bond. Watched all the old ones a million times and i remember him saying – no no no watch watch this its funny haha cuz his teeth are metal and so are hers haha. I remember it as clear as a post 2000 morning sky! 14

The Mayor of Nowhere

The Mayor of Nowhere 1 day ago (edited) The Mandela effect is very interesting to me. I somehow lost a year about 10 years ago… I viewed a car at a garage. I phoned him back the following weekend to arrange a test drive and, after a weird conversation with the salesman, he told me that car was sold over a year ago! He double checked with his co worker who said the same thing. He got quite agitated with me because he thought I was taking the Mickey… Go figure. 22


MikeyKrayon 23 hours ago Anybody else remember “The Abominable Snowman” in the old Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer stop motion animation movie? I found it and watched it with my son this past Christmas, and found out that it’s now the “Abominable Snow Monster of the North” Can we chalk another one up? 2

LXXXVIII finis temporis

LXXXVIII finis temporis 1 day ago Kids of today will not understand this with the thousands of movies to chose from anytime anywhere on Netflix or Prime etc… But back in the 80s and 90s most people had a small collection of movie VHS tapes in the cupboard next to the TV, some of them official releases that you got for birthdays or Christmas and most VHS tapes of movies that you taped off the TV when they were being shown. The point being there was hardly any choice. The movie tapes that you had you watched them over and over and over again. For me Moonraker was one of these movies taped off the TV. To this day whenever I watch Moonraker I know the points in the movie where the commercials were in the tape I recorded back then as I watched it that much. Every time I was bored…watch Moonraker. Every time I was sick off school on the sofa with a blanket and thermometer in my mouth…put on Moonraker. Every time I had friends home after school for dinner or a sleep over….Put on Moonraker. Every time Moonraker was on TV during Christmas….watch on Moonraker. DOLLY HAD BRACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 108

Patrick Peltier

Patrick Peltier 1 day ago Franco Columbo is Franco Columbu now. I’ve been a bodybuilding fan for years. I know it was Columbo. 50

David Antczak

David Antczak 1 day ago Must be a strange feeling to be ask by someone if you have changed the spelling of your name. And then find out that 100’s or 1000’s of people remember you as a deferent spelling. 12


strauss1414 1 day ago Sometimes, I think every “near death” experience i had actually happened but my consciousness does an inception warp and created a new layer of reality that gets progressively weirder 27

Ronnie Redneck

Ronnie Redneck 1 day ago ” Regard all Dharmas as dreams. ” – the Buddha 5


YOBLIVED 1 day ago (edited) Recently I found out the infamous 1980’s televangelist and his clown-faced wife, better known as Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, have changed to Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker! Er…? What? Since when? 22


HSPisces84 1 day ago Every time a sheep wakes up a new Mandela effect/reality is created.