Removing The Shackles – Transpicuous News – Special update from Dani ?

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This is the End…..  YouTube deleted my Transpicuous News Report that I put out just a few hours ago, and are threatening to ban me for “medical misinformation”.  My apologies to all of you awesome subscribers and regular viewers here on YouTube, who’ve followed my work for years, but this is the last straw. I’m moving over to BrandNewTube, and permanently, as of right now.  Please Click this link, register, “like” and add + my channel over there:……​ You can also find me on, on, and on Telegram with the new RTS Earth Chat (links in the RTS Earth article below)…​ For those of you who missed todays Transpicuous News Report:…


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Pinned by RemovingtheShackles RemovingtheShackles 6 hours ago For those of you who missed today’s Transpicuous News Report: 4


WanderingFool100 7 hours ago (edited) Goddammit. This sucks. The internet is dead. YouTube and others like it will be remembered for what they have become. Good riddance 4


wakeupandbord 7 hours ago (edited) Member when we didn’t have to sign up to post comments? I dislike being tracked but there’s no way that will ever be allowed again on any platform. Tracking>freedom and anonymity 5

Tyler Harney

Tyler Harney 7 hours ago Maybe try to do what Crrow777 does with his youtube? He posts up a quick “bumper/snippet” and in the description, points to where people should go to listen to the full episodes. Kinda like this video you posted. That way the people that are still stuck on Youtube may still be reached. 7

Harold White

Harold White 8 hours ago Dammit. Everyone’s going their separate ways from YT. BitChute, Rokfin, Brandnewtube, I doubt I’ll be able to remember all the different places I have to go now but I will still sign up. Would you please consider also posting your vids on Rokfin? They do a cool crypto thing for content providers and your voice would definitely be a contribution to the site…. Or also consider an email list so you can email us to tell us when you put up a vid on Brandnewtube. A few youtubers do that and it helps a lot. That would certainly be appreciated! Keep up the good fight! 12

My best Scorpio Mc

My best Scorpio Mc 6 hours ago So annoying but if that what it takes to hear the facts .✊✊✊ 4


I AM 8 hours ago I’ve been following you for years and this makes me so angry but I understand. I will follow you on Brand New Tube! 8

Angie Auger

Angie Auger 8 hours ago Your are my one and only person I will watch Brand new tube, I seem to be going all over the place to keep up with all my favorites on YT. 10


julisvideo 8 hours ago YT was intended for creative expression and was beautiful. Then fuckushima happened and the deleting began, separation, no more connection or communication. I moved to FB , more of the same, sure the New will go down the same road. Use youtube as a link to your videos,. 4


:Clive-Albert 8 hours ago I have subbed on brandnewtube darlin…lol beginning to talk like you now, see ya. 7

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith 6 hours ago How about keeping YouTube and just using it to link to your content. 5


wakeupandbord 7 hours ago Sounds like I’ll stand by my word and remove my YT subscription. 10$ less a month towards hypocrisy and lies. Wish I could do that with my taxes that go to war and deceit. 3

Chris Seoc

Chris Seoc 8 hours ago I think you will do well there. Will be watching. 4

Peter Meteor

Peter Meteor 7 hours ago F-ers, I got to see it though, the no flu cases musta triggered em, ;) 3


HigherAshanti 6 hours ago Good for you Dani, the other platform is better 😎👋🌼🌺‼️ 3

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith 6 hours ago Shoot I saw that and wanted to watch haha I guess I missed it. 2

Aphrodite Rose Starfire

Aphrodite Rose Starfire 7 hours ago I love your movies! Please friendme back on here bc i make movies too about this stuff! Thanks for al u do! 🏆💞 2

judy mohre

judy mohre 10 minutes ago (edited) I knew it. Was thinking the other day, how long will it be before UTUBE ATTRACTS YOU. Sheeze, the link is not connecting on my dang phone. I’ll try to type it in, to register.

Suzanna Cat

Suzanna Cat 8 hours ago Feck ’em Dani .. l did see it b4 it was pulled 😎 So many new video channels now 😻 3

Lee Garner

Lee Garner 59 minutes ago I registered over there Dani.See you over there.

Leea Hammon

Leea Hammon 7 hours ago Hello 🤗 I’ve really enjoyed all your fabulous work!! I’ve been able to learn & enjoy life at a deeper level. Content like yours Emily’s, Randy’s & Roberts has kept alot of us awake. With the tube separating the believers from the nonbelievers they are creating a bigger split in our community. :( 2

Deneen Peckinpah

Deneen Peckinpah 5 hours ago YouTube will soon be only for recipes and music videos, totally irrelevant to the circumstances in which we find ourselves.


0191paula 7 hours ago Blood youtube… gonna sub on brandnewtube now 1

Diane Campbell

Diane Campbell 4 hours ago Already signed up for newUTube. YouTube sucks wanger.🤪


niish 50 minutes ago I prefer the other place. YT is not bearable with all the crazy commercial and censorship. I’ll gladly sub’ and all that over there. <3

Sue C. Escobar

Sue C. Escobar 6 hours ago What search terms would you suggest? Couldn’t find it but will keep trying 2

Robin Tripp

Robin Tripp 6 hours ago Ok Dani will do. 1


LjRoxArk 4 hours ago dani….you the rock.. thank you….we love you and appreciate much..

Pearl B Mccoy

Pearl B Mccoy 7 hours ago Eff ChinaTube! 1


jocktrucker1 5 hours ago Subbed on bitchute and brandnewtube. Cheers.


NothingToNoOneInParticular 2 minutes ago Why not bitChute?


BobCollins3 7 hours ago LBRY