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Pointtalkers will  link to websites, people, music, videos and information that aren’t so popular or well known  … as well as sites and information that have been banned, shadow banned or suppressed.  We will avoid linking to information that is viral or well advertised. We may change our slogan to “The Website Less Travelled”

There’s a reason for website’s less traveled … Long story short ?

Longstory Short

still family, curious speaking … who may i say is calling …



точки болтуны


 نقطه المتحدثون

punt talkers

piste juoruta

पॉइंट टॉकर्स

δείκτες σημείων


punti oratori

punto habladores

بہودہ کی طرف اشارہ کریں

(bing translate)

pointtalkers in Jewish Gematria equals: 565

pointtalkers in English Gematria equals: 960

pointtalkers in Simple Gematria equals: 160

still curious …

still curious in Jewish Gematria equals: 871

still curious in English Gematria equals: 1068

still curious in Simple Gematria equals: 178