Men At Work – Who Can It Be Now? (Video Version)


what about the about page …

About The Who Page ?


Make me a day
With no worry, no care

Make me a way
With no hurry, no fear

Find me a place
With no future, somewhere

It doesn’t matter anymore
It doesn’t matter now I’m sure


I’ve been lied to
I’ve been cheated
I’ve been kicked in the head

I’ve been geo blocked
I’ve been double crossed
I’ve been left here for dead

Sometimes it takes dying
to move ahead:



There’s got to be a new beginning
In this desert of dying dreams

You know I’ve been hallucinating
The rocks aren’t really green


Go on tease me with your water
Torture me with your fun

Eat me like a free lunch
Tell me I’m not the one

It doesn’t matter anymore
It doesn’t matter now I’m gone


Something to shine on
Something to see ?

Something to live for
Something to be ?


I was educated
and taught their ways

I was medicated
and thrown away

I was convicted
and taught to pray

I was bonded, insured
cloned, erased


waiting for Jesus
waiting for proof

A world that’s free
From all your truth


Lips are moving
Crack my gums

By doing nothing
Everything’s done


What about the
what about page ?

Use action verbs !
Exaggerate !

Go back to school
And graduate !

These T-shirts
Are really great !

I Got A Name Lyrics