“if you need to know

who’s in charge of this mess,

look into the eyes of the unknown guest,

the one who always gives you more for less,

before you sue yourself,

you should learn to play chess

& never confuse maybe for yes” 

(unmonetized as always – we share because we can)

Lorde – Royals (The Notorious BIG Remix) Cover by Lucy Ludic

Who’s going to believe all your lies ?

it’s only public until it’s private

it’s only yours until it’s not

they only need you, until they don’t

it’s only open until it’s closed

Don’t read this if you’re driving

Or I’ll delete your county road

And double authenticate your nose

Closing Time 

Something that is completely out of your comfort zone

should go ( here ) maybe a cartoon of a sovereign hybrid

sleeping under an old couch tipped upside down by a cyclical redundancy

flippin’ birds from HIS free tent – at the NEW beware of  bum sign … HINT

If you why a woman and she why’s you back

Remember the block option, Jack …

This page loads faster if you’re loaded,

For another case of Evan Williams – we’ll expose it

Does Everything Still End Up Where It Belongs ?

Wee are by the river, Lost in her spell

With wordsmiths from heaven & wordsmiths from hell

Wee like what we like and tell what we tell

It’s always good when YOU come down around

Singing my songs, ringing your bells

Nothing to buy, nothing to sell

Cross your crooked fingers

She wishes YOU well, well, well

One Of These Days I’m Going To Start All Over Again

“I Smoke You Jack”

“Please lift a hand, I’m only a person..” – Madcap Laughs

You’ve Got a Friend

 Men At Work – Who Can It Be Now? (Video Version)

I Got A Name Lyrics