Amazing Polly

yep, she was too amazing for the boys in the blackmailed NWO Story Tellin’ Bankster clubs to deal with …

imagine that … a girl givin’ her simple opinions from Canada is a threat to all you smart progessive guys playin’ god over public utility lines … yep, that’s where ya’ crossed the rubicon … yep. you’re all criminals, decievers, liars, cheaters and thieves … yep … these public electric lines belong to the public … yep … Amazing Polly is still amazing … and we’re betting she’ll still be amazing after all you scumbags are out of a job and a reputation …. yep…

her videos are still at bitchute … of course that’s probably all part of the plan … it’s amazing how many hoops a hungry lion will jump through in a circus …


AMAZING POLLY at bitchute


updating soon !


#FirefoxSucks (by the way, all you manipulating scumbags at Firefox should know that embedding BitChute videos on Opera Browser works JUST FINE ! we just copy and paste the URL into the fucked up wordpres .com box thingy dingies (they only give ya the option to change colors and fonts and add images easily when the bitchy code back door BOT is in the mood … let’s see, should we make this information easy or hard for Mr. PoinTTalker to play with on the little scratcpad he paid for … oh, he’s talking about Amazing Polly … well, we can’t stop the BitChute embedded video … but we sure as hell can make lots of typos and keep it lookin’ like a real hillbilly scratchpad … yep )

just sayin’ MR. Firefox … everybody knows Google greased your back axles to the tune of 300 million cups of coffee a few years back … and you really are pathetic … thinkin’ we can’t embed Amazing videos from BitChute … or other places ….

Tell your Evil Google Overlords to go fuck themselves … you can’t stop the truth and you’ll never ever win if you try fuckin’ up Americans first ammendment.