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International Public Notice Regarding The Dead Baby Scam August 8, 2019 By Anna Von Reitz – edmovius

‘some thinkers’ say they deliberately did this ‘for their citizens’ own good and benefit, which gets very abstract. No matter what the original intentions were — this double edged sword trick of turning birth certificates into collateral backing ‘their’ fictional white collar welfare financial instruments at the WALL STREET CASINO is a crock of shit from the top to the bottom; This wall street casino would not be possible without ‘them’ claiming all american citizen’s and their babies are ‘their’ property … which is, in and of itself, an extreme stretch of the imagination … fast forward … you have all kinds of scams based on this scam … (think of a spider web on top of an octopus) and every single one of your ‘elected’ leaders in DC have been keeping this a secret … because they are all cowards and liars and cheaters … 100,000’s of Americans are waking up to this situation … If they don’t stop treating us as ‘their property and slaves’ the shit really will hit the fan soon …

Notice to lying scumbags is notice to political cowards – EVERYBODY KNOWS !