or not … ( who has the time or money to play that crazy game … how many times have you been promised this or that antivirus or patch or update will stop the bullshit on your pc … how many stores and corporations are still asking you to do your buisness online … like, how stupid could they be … how stupid could we all be to put anything online we’d rather keep private … IF YOU THINK THIS IS AN EXAGGERATION … here’s a few links to make you reconsider your definition of exaggerate ….

The Hacker News .Com – link

Hiding URLs in Google Chrome Could Be A Good Decision?

The way the current internet is designed, it’s not possible for ANYONE to guarantee ANYONE ELSE that their work, records, files, etc.. are SECURE …

It was designed this way to keep COMPANIES & CONSUMERS spending the money AND time they thought they’d save with ROBOTS running around, in circles … confused and stressed out … wondering why that last security thingy dingy isn’t working …

reinstalling an operating system takes less time than trying to navigate the never ending hacks and fake security … this is the sad conclusion reached by many a few short years ago after tech leaders like John McAfee & more recently, Michael McKibben woke us up with proof that nothing online is ‘secure’

The true story of social networking

On this website, Michael McKibben exposes how Intellectual Property Theft is rampant and how Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks aren’t what we assume … never mind the cost of trying to prove anything in a court of law … where, even if you do win, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever recoup your losses. – https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/Michael-T-McKibben-AFI-backgrounder.html

World's Largest Corporate Scandals Chart, including the theft of Leader Technologies' invention of social networking