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Japan Gravure Girl Idol Gravure Girl Idol


LIVERPOOL (will send a notice to folks trying to remix music using their ‘copyrighted models’ – to which we reply, you don’t own the blue sky in any of your claimed property and that public road and bike trail you’re using sure doesn’t look like it’s copyrighted … etc. OH, and it was shared in the PUBLIC SQUARE by the same numbnuts that should have kept it private if they don’t want it to COPIED and remixed and remorphed and … you know, same thing as when ya’ sketch a painting of a picasson on a museum funded by taxpayer coins … we have no idea who the REAL owner of the letter c is … anyway, here’s the LINK to LIVERPOOL (the official site, of course … not the one that was scraped and reposted in …. yep, it’s been scraped … if ya’ don’t know what scraping info is in the public realm JUST ASK and official international lawyer at GOOOOOOGLE ! LIVERPOOL models link

Or just blow some imaginary kisses if you’re more than 6 feet away …

Will Fox News kill its entire audience? Does your quarantine prep kit include a tambourine? Are we prepared for a wave of Smurf deaths? When did Bridget learn to ride a unicycle?

PHETASY IS a movement disguised as a company. We just want to make you laugh while the world burns

Dumpster Fire 34 – Forgive My Laughter: I Have A Condition

Keep Calm & Quarantine On, Morons

Wokeism is a Mind Virus

You’re Not Woke You’re Annoying

Beware of “Jazz Hands” As the “Mushies” Cancel Clapping

Reality is Parody in the Age of Phetasy