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fortunes come and fortunes go – and so do fortune tellers

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updated 12/14/2020

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predict ours

PREDICTOURS #predictours #predicttours

I expose the false prophets as liars and make fools of fortune-tellers. I cause the wise to give bad advice, thus proving them to be fools.

Who predicted ‘the blackies takin’ over’ and was so paranoid he moved to the desert to prepare for his visions of the future ? Seems like he also predicted ‘fires everywhere’

‘Seems like’ Charlie Manson predicted more than a few things

This is only one example of how Song Writers should be at the top of the Seers, Visionaries and people who predict the future LIST …

God has chosen the foolish things of the world that He might shame the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world that He might shame the strong;

There is a theory somewhere that reasons ‘god’ can’t create anything without the intention of his ‘co-creators’ which, when one begins to connect the dots in this mystery we are sharing, makes more logical sense than 99% of the fake, short lived science theories the western world seems to be stuck on promoting

It also seems like many of the songs from various artists which predicted the world we are living in today were written by artists unaware of their own magical mysterious co-creating connections to the ‘living nameles god of creation’

(((10,000 other songs that predicted the future go here)))

The Manson Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson (Full Album)

i smoke herb and rock a turban

1. Ride Away 0:00 2. Love’s Death 3:47 3. Never Ask Why (Love Never Dies) 6:35 4. No Wrong 9:09 5. Get On Home 10:48 6. Is There No One IN Your World But You? 14:28 7. I’m Scratching Peace Symbols On Your Tombstone 17:30 8. Give Your Love To Be Free 22:11 9. I’ll Never Say Never To Always 24:31 10. Look At Your Love 25:51 11. What Would You Have ME Do? 28:27 12. Goin’ To The Churchyard 30:51

The Future – by Leonard Cohen – comes to mind as another great example … and there’s even a great line in this song that mentions Charlie Manson (as a compliment from Canada’s number one songwriter :

“All the lousy little poets comin’ ’round trying to sound like Charlie Manson’


Sheryl Crow GASOLINE “Way back in the year of 2017 was written in 2007” is another good example of how this mysterious process of Cartoon Video Nonsense becoming reality is evident

Sheryl Crow – Gasonline

Oh – here’s another one, by Buff Sainte-Marie telling the biggest corporations they can’t do that no more ! Sure, we hear ya’ Buffy ! Turns out Buffy was right and all the Fat Cats have been put on notice !

Cooking Vinyl Records – No No Keshagesh – Buffy Sainte-Marie