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This message it too powerful to have only 60 views! We all need to hear this.

Here is the full video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy_nl…

Channel is called Transforming The Darkness – I don’t know her channel or viewpoints, but this message is needed now.

Quantum of Conscience

Reality Layers – The “Real” bubble around you always moves outward toward Fake.

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: As you move outward it NEVER gets “more real” does it. It always gets “more fake.” What is immediately around us is, literally, is the most real. As bubbles and layers expand outward we should notice that the “final layer” or the “biggest presentations”…. are fake. This is a giveaway to the nature of reality itself. We assume everything here on Earth is the same. We should not have made this assumption. Perhaps the HEART is the center of all bubbles and closest to the heart is real. This may be why the screen needs your heart tied into its BS.

Quantum of Conscience

is Quantum of Conscience one of the most thought provoking sources online ? Yep !