Shechai ( EMILY ? ) Yah

….. TWO SOURCES describe Greada Treaty President Eisenhower signed onto. … Michael Salla’s Report and … Report on Majestic Twelve ….. HISTORY WE DON’T GET :: what happened 500 years ago that changed everything. — ….. One Extra-Terrestrial’s extended [6-weeks-long] testimony in 1947, with implications. — … BEHOLD!: the Dulce Record of ET-Trafficking: From History to Now (Red Pill Trilogy Vol. 2)


NO FACTS TO BEHOLD :: Narratives Only

HOLY LAW SAYS :: DO GOOD TO GET A GOOD OUTCOME GOSPELS SAY :: GOOD INTENTIONS MUST PRODUCE GOOD OUTCOMES. ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE DISTRACTED BY CHATTER IS NOT HELPING. Treachery is saying one thing, but doing another, :: ie Campaign Promises Extortion Piracy is robbing Peter to pay Paul :: ie Fraud, Protection Rackets, Pork Barrels Perfidy is playing both ends against the middle :: MEDIA Narratives, RINOs & NeoCons – cont’d

Shechai Yah