Spiritual Reality Theory

imagine a spider web made of metal fibers that energy is constantly pasing through … like a window screen crumpled into a ball … an infinte ball … each place the wires connect represents 1 man, woman or other life form.  (let’s stick to people) … BELIEF SYSTEMS ARE JUST AS REAL IN THIS WEB as anything else … if 1 million people are ‘thinking’ about MARY JANE at the same time … the send her ‘energy’ – it makes no difference if she is a cartoon or a real person … EMOTIONS intensify the energy …

what does this have to do with reality … ? ON THIS LEVEL, simply put, everything.

things and people don’t become real until they become visible, in one perspective.

this is the only way a man or a mythical creation can exist eg. millions of children believe in Santa Clause … they see his face everywhere for 30+ days a year, they change their behavior for him … the feel tingly happy great tears in their eyes thoughts when they think how happy they will be to see what he brings them, because they’ve been very good … this is what makes Santa Clause REAL …

they will have more emotion in their hearts and sould and minds for this Santa then their next door neighbor … the only way Santa can ever die is if all the children stop thinking of him and ‘believing in him’ … otherwise Santa will live forever.

one of the saddest days of any child’s life is finding out Santa is only a ‘myth’ and it’s really only MOMMY and DADDY putting those presents under the tree … and the milk and cookies out … etc.

same situation applies to all mythical GODS … the more people think about a God the more energy they send this ‘God’ … this is how more than one God can be real … the most popular God will be the one that people send the most energy to …

and, since the electrical thought and belief currents traveling through this grid are a part of creation …  and on a subconcious level we know this … GROUP CONSENSUS makes the sky blue, the popular products popular (why advertisers spend so much) and also things like ENEMIES AND ALLIES that are no more than a creation of the nightly news in many cases ….

how the DNA and blood types fit into this is also a factor … if we are connected to the spirit world, then the belief that honoring ones ancestors who’ve passed on, makes perfect sense … etc.

it also explains why people for the first half, if not all of, their lives seek attention … no matter what they claim to the contrary … the more attention one recieves from this interconnected electrical web of electrical, energy, spiritual exchange the more one wants even more … because it makes them ‘unforgettable’ and their point in the connected ‘ screen, web’ increases …

only when one learns or knows how to recieve energy from ALL LIFE and inside of oneself can one maintain a constant strength of energy without feeling lonely or dependent on other ‘people only’ for strength.

the more one is loved, the better one feels … and also the worse one feels when the imagined love turns to indifference or hate …

so, attention between people is what is really going on, until one goes through a period of finding another way to maintain the energy that makes us whole and happy, without competing for it …

this is what many ‘guru’s’ wise men, try to teach … but it really can’t be taught.

what’s really going on, THERE IS JUST AS MUCH ENERGY AVAILABLE in the spirit world connections, what is refered to as other dimensions, heaven, the other side of the veil.

this is real. the life and beings on the other side of the veil are also competing for energy and attention and validity and when you realize this, you’ll understand it’s no big mystery on why

THE MORE AN ‘ENTITY’ RECIEVES ATTENTION FROM OTHER’S ON BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN SUSTAINS, INVIGORATES, ENLIVENS and KEEPS ONE ‘KICKIN’ so to speak … nobody enjoys being ignored, because that weakens the life force …

SO, IS ALLAH REAL … of course … if millions of people a day think about him 5 times a day … they keep him alive in a big way … they send him all that respect and devotion and that’s why Islam is the fastest growing religion.

Is JESUS REAL … of course … but Christians pray sporadically and set aside a few hours one day a week to really focus on JESUS … and, therefore keep him very alive.

Same for all other Gods , by whatever name …

A God can only die if people and other Gods send not thoughts or energy …


The above equation (was meant to be simple, getting a bit wordy) is this.

The more people believe in God A and believe in him the same way, the more energy that God recieves and the bigger that God grows …

The same applies to: fads, political ideals, architectural periods, art styles, fashion, music, etc.

Everytime anyone thinks of someone , something … energy is transfered to that someone or something … makes no difference if that someone or something is living or dead, real or imaginary.

end of thought.


208- Are you Lost at Sea with a Ship of Fools? – Crrow777

Before men are born, they are already sealed to their own ‘groups’ and ‘leaders’ in the pre-life in metaphysical and DNA ways that science still can’t explain.

When using language to explain why one believes what they believe, the words themselves usually get in the way of clear understanding.

In this realm, believing and intention create our shared realities.

Many of us are just waking up to the simplest truths, or remembering them with a new understanding.

If you once thought words don’t really have any power or effect on anything, especially if you don’t speak them, but just play with them in the written form join the club.

In this realm, even written words have power.

The more original a thought is, the more likely it is to manifest itself in the most unexplainable ways.

A ‘group’ of people believing in the same things and thinking the same thoughts reinforces the manifestation of the imparted manifestations.

When two groups of people with opposite ‘realities’ become ‘fanatical’ division occurs.

Some of these divisions are so great they lead to wars.

The more times a belief is repeated in one’s mind, the more it solidifies.

This explains political and religious differences in a nutshell.

Today the major religions are in spiritual dissonance to the point of want to erradicate all the other’s

Many political, religious and cult leaders take advantage of these divisions for personal selfish underhanded gain.

The will twist and turn and monetize the original thoughts of great prophets and teachers to the point they are completely opposite of what the original teacher was trying to share.

Buddha did not start a religion.

There is no reason to believe Jesus started on either, especially not one that is a corporation.

If Buddha and Jesus met on the road, they’d probably get along just fine.

If one believes in the teachings of Buddha and Jesus and other great teachers

and is sealed to Jesus and say’s I’m not a Christian …

They may look at you like you’re nuts.

When you explain you were sealed to Jesus before you were born at a DNA metaphysical level and that your transmitters and recievers are connected to him before birth … they may begin to understand.

I have never tried to explain this publicly, because I believe that it’s too simple and too complicated for most ‘religous’ people to understand …

A small child will understand it.

You say your prayers in private.  You don’t cast your rubies before swine so to speak … ( but no man born of their creator is a swine and one must respect the simple fact that he or she may be sealed unconciously or conciously to another group before or after birth , if one is to avoid contentio )

The Jesus that can’t even be proven to ever have existed without great debate taking place … would advise against getting into arguements …

And so would Buddha

In today’s logic, where everything is not what it seems there is only one way to find out these metaphysical things.

One can find out quickly if one is attached to the biblical God known as Jesus Christ by simply asking him to come into one’s life ….

If one was sealed to him before birth, the seal will be activated and the difference will be felt … but still remain a mystery.

It’s amazing the things that men who laugh at Jesus Christ believe in.

  1. the fake news
  2. the fake governmets
  3. the fake reasons for wars
  4. the fake google algorithms
  5. the fake histories
  6. the fake food
  7. the fake medicines
  8. the fake love
  9. the fake kings and queens
  10. etc. etc. etc.

See how all the ‘smart puppets on a string believe in a fake virus …

See how happy all the ‘smart folks’ are who don’t follow the laws and commandments suggested in the Bible

See how happy all the ‘smart folks’ are who think God isn’t real.

This author spent many years searching the world for what is real …

and at the end of the equation, Jesus is real.

Jesus, spelled with a ‘J’ will is just as real as Jesus spelled without a ‘J’

This website was never intended to be a website for anything more than a few pages to buy and sell domain names, when I still trusted the I O T …

Today, I put the entire concept of Domain Names in the ‘faked you out again’ category.

This author will no longer be leading anyone to conspiracy theories or half truths …

which is up to you to search for

I would advise being skeptical of all news, claims and get rich quick schemes.

Skip all the bullshit … follow Jesus … and try not to complicate him.

The most important question to answer for people calling themselves Christian’s is why is your church shut down …

When you discover it was just another corporation … maybe then you’ll begin to see how one can be sealed to Jesus … and want nothing to do with your incoporated churches.

The Real God is open 24/7 365 and there are no locks on the doors or bars on the windows or tricks hidden in the algorithms.

The only page remaining during this ‘reset’ will be the travel page.

Until we learn what is really going on.

We will no longer be defending freedom of speech by insulting the manipulators on an uneven playing field.

We will trust in The God of Logic and Common Sense

And we will pray for our enemies to think twice before they attempt to destroy The United States Of America