Knights Of Fright

The Greatest Trick The Free Masons Ever Pulled Was Making You Think They Are Not A Religion.

( cheap black and white – timbuk 3 – lyrics – link – )

They fit every definition of a religion and cult.

Their latest trick is the illusion of a virus , which is scaring the world and refilling their vault at the same time ! With lots of help from their Glow Bowl Presstitutes that control the Press in every nation on this fixer upper planet.

A fake Global Virus would not be possible without their Global Religion.

If you want to thank the smart guys who made your FREE VACATION possible … you now know who to send your thank you cards to !

It’s much too early to say if the ends will justify the means.

It’s much to late to put the genie back in the bottle.

The only thing that’s obvious is the KNIGHTS OF FRIGHT are the movie directors.