What is Real ?

Can Truth Be Found in a Realm of Deception – R Wayne Steiger

Lost and Found Bin Episode 51: A New Way of Connecting CERN, The Mandela Effect and Disclosure

“The Doorway Effect – SQM AI & chick – Streamed live on Apr 6, 2019




Kerry Cassidy – Covid frequentie-oorlogen – update van 31augustus 2020(NL subs) hout00gje Kerry’s column: https://projectcamelotportal.com/2020… Kanaal project Camelot: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2na… Voyagers2 -Ashayana Dean pdf: https://www.arhayas.com/products/voya…

We do not struggle to save our world. We create and prepare the next generation to find the true soul’s purpose of mankind. With consideration and love we can co-create reality with our children and our children’s children. – Freeman Fly

Birth of a New Earth – Jeanice Barcelo – Conscious Conception – Freeman TV interview

We Are Owned By The Use Of Words & Vatican Law. Jordan Maxwell With Kurt Kallenbach ?

Jordan Maxwell’s guest was Kurtis Kellenbach, Who studies language and how it’s used to used to enslave you under Vatican law. They talk about the hidden meaning of words and the origins of its use to literally own the human population. Don’t miss this informative show! http://jordanmaxwellshow.comhttp://americanfreedomradio.com

Chiron Last – The End Of Silence & The Birth Of A New World ?

“If there is truly no separation between the source and its consequence, then the ending of pain must also be found at its beginning. The created meet their creator.” Chiron Last

Word Splitting, Phonetics, Etymology – Avoiding Literal His-Story ?

Date: November 18, 2020

“We are now leaving the age of “I believe things” and entering the age of “I know things”. Language and how it is used will be a big part of this transition. Teaching and learning in recent centuries has been used to convince average minds to accept literal stories as the totality of knowing. Religion, science and the idea of where we exist are all examples of the literality trap – or accepting a surface narrative (story) as the paramount knowledge on offer. But – once a mind comprehends that nature shows us no falsehood (example of righteousness) we then have the needed example/tools to know things that are beyond question. We then have the ability to measure language and all other facets of life using truth as the balance. After all, living men and woman are born with the ability to detect the ring of truth and once a mind re-aligns with the perfection of this creation it is very easy to detect where truth does not exist. You can hear it, smell it, detect it – you can KNOW it! Verily, verily I say unto Thee, The Sky is Blue. But can you tell me what season it is in the Acceptable Year of Our Lord?” Crrow777 Radio .Com

Miles Bases Project – Rosemary E Guiley The DJINN ?

In this Bases Educational Supplement with the AMMACH Project, The ultimate enemy of man kind is discussed here, with Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the Vengeful DJINN, older, even before Man ever “arrived” The DJINN are rather annoyed, and they are coming. Seen as scuttlers, “mulitlegged” creatures, “Shadow People… all over this world…. black fluidic intelligent energy… This interview provides a short history and decription of the DJINN, and a blatant simple warning.” – Miles’s Bases Project

Bock Saga – Welcome to Altlantis (Movie, 2016) ?

Atlantis is the mysterious story of a vanished civilization, legends, searches… There are still many disputes about where Atlantis is located. Jim Chester is going to the Gotland island in Sweden for telling us another part of Bock Saga. The main point of this saga is that Atlantis is not a place, but a period of time. Atlantis – All Land Ice. We will visit: 1. Gotland Island 2. Lummelunda Grottan 3. Gotland Museum (Visby) 4. Historiska Museum (Stockholm) 5. Wolf Cave (Finland) Sukinsun

THI Special “From Russia with Love” ? Lucid Dreamer

The Global Financial System-Part – Kim Possible ?

The Nuclear Scare Scam | Galen Winsor ? – 1 TRILLION DOLLAR REWARD FOR ANY SCIENTIST THAT CAN PROVE AN ATOM WAS EVER SPLIT (everyone in 2020 knows the mushroom cloud movies were made using 120 tons of TNT to scare the world into submission – the biggest hoax since Moses took 40 years ta’ lead his folks out of Egypt – never mind all the wealth and energy taken from the world to inspect and regulate and store all the nuclear waste – etc. YouTube removed all the best videos on this subject – like, if it was just a conspiracy theory why bother removing them ! OVER THE TARGET )

Eric Dubay | The Flat Earth Theory & The Masonic Matrix Manipulators ?

“The man behind AtlanteanConspiracy.com, Eric Dubay, joins THC after the release of his new book and documentary pair, both titled The Flat Earth Conspiracy, to tell us why the Earth is actually flat and how the Mason’s fooled us all.” – The Higherside Chats

Communist China — The Last Bastion of Freedom? – Anna Von Reitz .com

Communist China — The Last Bastion of Freedom?By Anna Von ReitzIt sounds preposterous, I know. The whole concept seems impossibly converted, and yet, we are living in a world where black is white and up is down. I’ve learned something odd about this odd world, and it’s time to share it on.

The Chinese never sold their people as “assets” to the central bankers.

FDR sold the Municipal citizens of the United States back in 1933. Hardly anyone knew this at the time. Except for a scant mention in his First Inaugural Speech, even the victims were given no notice. – cont’d

The Dead Baby Scam – part 1/4 ? Ed Movius – Anna Von Reitz (text to speech)

All Roads Lead To Rome ? Eric Jon Phelps ? Jesuit New World Order

MEL K CHARLIES ANGEL CATCHES UP WITH CHARLIE ? King George & The Louis Paysor ? Fact or Fiction ? Follow The wealth, not the funny money ?

The Neo Zionist Order – Who Rules your Rulers ?

One of the greatest American historians of all time has researched and exposed the Federal Reserve System, The New World Order and traced the Rulers Of the World all the way back to Caanan.  The US Government had tried to lock him up in a mental institution to silence him but fortunately his family helped him to escape. – the last trumpet – beforeitsnews.com – contributor


Eustace Mullins The New World Order Full Length ?T. Mar

The New World Order Full Length

Eustace Clarence Mullins, Jr. was born in Roanoke, Virginia, the third child of Eustace Clarence Mullins (1899–1961) and his wife Jane Katherine Muse (1897–1971). His father was a salesman in a retail clothing store. He was educated at Washington and Lee University, New York University, the University of North Dakota and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Washington, D.C.

In December 1942 he enlisted in the military as a Warrant Officer at Charlottesville, Virginia. He was a veteran of the United States Army Air Forces, serving thirty-eight months during World War II.

In 1949 Mullins worked at the Institute for Contemporary Arts in Washington, D.C. where he met Ezra Pound’s wife Dorothy who introduced him to her husband. Pound was at the time incarcerated in St. Elizabeths Hospital for the Mentally Ill. Mullins frequently visited the poet and for a time acted as secretary to him. Later, he wrote a biography, This Difficult Individual Ezra Pound (1961), which literary critic Ira Nadel describes as “prejudiced and often melodramatic”.[4] According to Mullins it was Pound who set him on the course of research that led to his writing The Secrets of The Federal Reserve.[5]

He became a researcher at the Library of Congress in 1950 and worked with Senator Joseph McCarthy investigating Communist Party funding sources.[6] He later stated that he believed McCarthy had “started to turn the tide against world communism”.[7] Shortly after his first book came out in 1952, he was discharged by the Library of Congress.[8]

In 1956 Mullins sued his former employer, the American Petroleum Industries Committee (APIC), for breach of contract. He claimed that he had been hired in 1953 to engage in a sub rosa project to undermine Zionism. APIC denied Mullins’s charge, stating that it was “preposterous and without foundation.”[9]

Eustace Mullins’s home at 126 Madison Place in Staunton, Virginia
In the 1950s, Mullins began his career as an author writing for Conde McGinley’s newspaper Common Sense,[10] which promoted the second edition of his book on the Federal Reserve, entitled The Federal Reserve Conspiracy (1954). Around this time, he also wrote for Lyrl Clark Van Hyning’s Chicago-based newsletter, Women’s Voice. He was a member of the National Renaissance Party[11] and wrote for its journal, The National Renaissance.[12] In 1995, he was writing for Criminal Politics.[13] Mullins was on the editorial staff of the American Free Press and became a contributing editor to the Barnes Review, both published by Willis Carto’s Liberty Lobby.[14]

Mullins lived in Staunton, Virginia, in the house at 126 Madison Place[15] where he grew up, from the mid 1970s through the end of his life.[16]

“Walking in an insane nightmare land….. Yep, this past week reached a new level of WTAF- on every level!!!  The discussion today was so fast paced and awesome that we ended up over 2.5 hours!! Quantum entanglement, PTSD, Political absurdity, financial lunacy, emotional roller coasters, solar physics, galactic super waves, and a lego Trump were just a few topics on the table today.” – CONT’D





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